Exclusive: Producer Austin Reading on ‘Death Valley' Season 2


If you're a fan of MTV's Death Valley and you're wondering whether the horror-comedy cop doc will be getting a second season, well, you still have a little longer to wait. Official word on the show's renewal is at least several weeks away. But to help whet your appetite... I just chatted with Death Valley's producer Austin Reading, and I made sure to ask him how things are going – and which direction he'd like the show to take in its second season. Find out what Reading had to say after the break.

"We have some clear-cut storylines that could go in a variety of different ways," said Reading of Death Valley Season 2. "The second half of this season starts to really pick up the momentum and the tone and the kind of storytelling that I think ensuing episodes in season 2 – and, I pray to God, season 3 and 4 – will have. We are gong to reveal some things about the nature of these creatures that are pretty fascinating. Of course season 1 featured the big three [vampires, werewolves and zombies], but those aren't the only monsters in town."

If Death Valley season 2 does happen, Reading says he expects it will have the same number of episodes as season 1.

"We're having a lot of really good talks with the network," he says. "They're big supporters of it. They love it, and it's something that's very important to them. Just trying to figure out the timing and where it goes and when it goes is what's happening now. The typical order is twelve. When and if we go, there will probably be another twelve. It's exciting, because season 1 is just the beginning, and we've really just scratched the surface."

In the mean time, Death Valley fans can watch the just released Season 1 Uncensored DVD.

"I think we have some of the beep-less [scenes]," says Reading. "Man, it's so much fun when the beeps are out. We have some behind-the-scenes stuff and a couple of little surprises."