Exclusive: Prozak On Music, Horror & Filmmaking


Photos Courtesy of Strange Music

Late last year, we found out about a new film project from multi-talented artist Prozak, whose Seekers Paranormal Investigation Team was busy shooting A Haunting on Potter Street, the next installment of an acclaimed documentary series about reportedly haunted landmark locations around Michigan. But that's just one facet of his diverse career: he's also known as "The Hitchcock of Hip-Hop," a weaver of dark rhymes who has collaborated with noted rap icons like Tech N9ne and fellow FEARnet fave Brotha Lynch Hung (check out our feature on Lynch's horror album series here). While Potter Street is in post-production, Prozak's music is also hitting a new peak with this week's release of Paranormal, his latest full-length studio album, and the brutal, metallized single "End of Us," a new collaboration with Sid Wilson of Slipknot (alias DJ Starscream).

Prozak filled us in on the status of these and other projects, and also shared the new video for "End of Us," which premiered this week. Hit the jump for the whole story, and be sure to check out the clips!

FEARnet: Listening to tracks like "End of Us," "Hate" and "Wake Up You're Dead," I feel like the tone on Paranormal is darker and more reality-based than "Tales from the Sick." Was that your intention?

PROZAK: Absolutely. To me, the darkest horrors hide in plain sight, and this album was meant to explore the sorrow and pain in the darkest corners of reality. At the same time, there are messages of hope.

Is there a theme running through the album?

The theme is really inside the listener. I believe this album will provoke and Invoke feelings and open up new thoughts within them.

You mentioned that the song "Million Miles Away" asks the question, "If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?" What's your own answer to that?

Within the video for that song, I display my answer at the end: it is "Myself." Before you can change anything, you have to change yourself. I'm not preaching; I have a lot to change within my life. But at the same time, I feel the need to bring some of the issues to the front lines.

What brought you and Sid together for "End of Us?"

We're mutual fans of each other's art. Inevitably, we met in Iowa in 2004 when I was on tour with Tech N9ne. Ever since then we've been working together on different projects and collaborating. The funny thing is, when we met, I had no clue who he was! He was disguised in a wig with a diamond grill and some crazy-looking sunglasses.

We did a feature on Brotha Lynch Hung's intense "Coat Hanga" series, and you're both on Tech N9ne's Strange Music. Have you ever considered collaborating with Lynch on a horror-themed project?

Most definitely! Me and Brotha Lynch have a lot in common and have discussed doing a project many times. I'm sure it shall happen in due time, and I'm sure it will be next level darkness!

The title Paranormal reinforces the connection to your filmmaking career. What led you down that path?

I've always been interested in the unseen. When I was a little kid I watched a film called The Entity. That film was based on a true story of an entity that victimized a single mother and her child. From that day I knew I wanted proof.

How did you go about recruiting the Seekers Paranormal Investigation Team?

Adam Eugenio and Tim Rooney are long time friends of mine. I knew they were the right choice for the team.

We did a story on you last fall, when you were still shooting A Haunting on Potter Street. What's the status on that film?

The film is almost complete; it will be available this fall! It's an amazing documentary and paranormal investigation. Let me say also, the Potter Street Station is an incredible and beautiful location.

Can you give us a little bit of background on it?

It's a train station located in Saginaw, Michigan. It was one of the main hubs in the state, that transported people all over the country. It also played a part shipping soldiers off to war, some of whom returned on the trains deceased. There is so much history... and the DVD will explain and explore it all.

How many installments in the Seekers series are there?

There's Seekers Volume 1: A Haunting on Hamilton Street; Volume 2: A Haunting on Hamilton Street 2; Volume 3: A Haunting on Potter Street... and now the latest, Volume 4: A Haunting in Saginaw, Michigan.

I'm glad to hear there's more to come. Speaking of filmmaking, have you ever thought about writing/directing a straight-up horror film?

I've actually written the best script of my career just a few months ago. I have written several, but this is the one! When the idea came, I started writing it down like a madman. I was with my friend Adam from Seekers and we just couldn't believe how solid the screenplay was. It will happen, we just need the right investor to come along.

[Check out the official Seekers website here.]