Exclusive: Rob Hall Talks ‘Fear Clinic'


As we've mentioned more than a few times here in the last few weeks, Rob Hall is directing FEARnet's new original online series Fear Clinic. So we made sure to get Hall's thoughts on his latest opus when we chatted with the director at last night's Reaper Awards ceremony.

How would you describe Fear Clinic?

It's kind of like the horror anthologies of the 80s I grew up loving.  I'd come home on Friday nights and there would be Tales From the Darkside, Freddy's Nightmares, Friday 13th: The Series, Monsters, and all those shows in a row.  Essentially Fear Clinic is like that to me.  All that done with a slightly more modern flair to it

Do you see this is the start of a franchise?

It's absolutely open to do more.  We'd be excited to do it.  You know, to be able to expand upon it.  I mean, definitely when it ends you're hopefully wanting more. 

If it continues, how would you like to see it do so?

Truthfully I would probably like to do something a little bit more long form.  I mean, we got all these great platforms now like Netflix, and Video On Demand and all these great things.  I'd like to see more of a cool downloadable long form.