Exclusive: Robert Kirkman on Major ‘Walking Dead' Character's Death


Last week I spoke with Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, about those rumors that a major character on the AMC TV adaptation of his Image comic will die in the second half of this, the show's second season. Find out what Kirkman says viewers should expect from the series when it returns in February – as well as his next comics projects and a hint of what's in store for Walking Dead fans at next year's Comic-Con – after the jump.

Warning: Spoilers ahead, proceed with caution.

What can you tell us about the second half of The Walking Dead season 2?

I will say that it's kind of fun. We knew that the break was coming in this season, so we wrote to it. So the first half of this season that everybody has seen does kind of fit as an arc. Everything was deliberate and it was kind of cool to end with the Sophia reveal. (I hope I'm not spoiling anything for people who are behind.) Coming into the second half of the season I think that we kind of hit the ground running, and there's a lot of stuff going on. I actually just watched episodes 11, 12 and 13 to review them, and it's just non-stop all kinds of cool stuff. I can't reveal much, but I will say that when we come back in February the first episode back has the best ending that I've thus seen. I was just super-thrilled when I got to that. It's just gonna be really cool stuff. We're gonna be introducing some new elements and some new characters, and some big things that you may not be expecting. It's gonna be pretty awesome.

What would you say to those folks who've heard the rumors that a major character will die?

You know, it's The Walking Dead. I'm not guarantee it, but I'm gonna say that it's safe to… People are gonna die. Whether they're gonna be main characters I can't really say. I don't know what people consider to be a main character, but there are human characters on the show that will be not surviving. By the end of this season… We start with a cast on our second season, and we will end with a somewhat different cast. That's kind of what The Walking Dead is. So we'll see.

You usually have a lot going on in comics. What's next for you?

I've got a lot of cool stuff coming up. Not in the horror vein so much. But I have a new book launching in February called Thief of Thieves, which is not necessarily a crime comic, but it's sort of a caper comic. It's a heavy drama about a guy in his early ‘40s, who's been a career criminal, and he's basically the greatest thief who ever lived.  But in order to reach that level of skill and have that kind of life he's sort of abandoned his home life. He has an ex-wife and an adult son that he doesn't really interact with, and he wants to kind of rekindle that relationship. So it's kind of about him wanting to turn his life around to rekindle that relationship, but he can't really get out. So he's gonna have a lot of conflict with his partners; and the FBI are after him. So it should be a pretty cool series. That starts in February.

Will your other Image comic, Invincible, follow The Walking Dead's lead and become a TV show?

I don't know what's gonna happen with Invincible as far as television or movies. There's always interest, but like The Walking Dead I try to wait for the perfect thing to come about before I pull the trigger. But I will say that we're about to reach our one hundredth issue on Walking Dead and Invincible next year. Walking Dead will be in July and Invincible will be later in the year, but both series are gonna have really crazy cool things happening that will ramp up to the monumental 100. So I got a lot of work to do. [Laughs.]

Will Image Comics have a big celebration planned around those issues?

Oh yeah. The Walking Dead celebration will be timed around Comic-Con, so there's gonna be a lot of massive stuff coming out of that. And we'll be doing the same kind of stuff for Invincible.