Exclusive: Tobin Bell Talks ‘Saw VII'


One of the secrets to the Saw franchise's success has been its ability to plan ahead.  And so before Saw VI's release, well before, plans were already underway to shoot Saw VII.  But next year's sequel already promises something to distinguish it from the prior installments in the Saw series – 3-D.  At the recent LA red carpet for Saw VI, we asked star Tobin Bell what he thinks about the decision to continue Jigsaw's story in a different medium.  Find out what he told us after the jump.

"It will be an interesting experience," said Bell. "I'll be doing the same thing.  Possibly doing it differently, like saying, ‘Reach out this way!'  But I am going to be doing exactly what I always do.  I am more concerned with the quality of the drama than I am in the special effects, I'll leave that to someone else.  That's not my job.  I'll be watching with interest and listening for good counsel from the 3-D techs, who I'm sure will be lingering around me."

"And I'll be saying, get away from me!'" he laughed.

Meanwhile, Bell is determined to find a buyer for his rock-‘n-roll film Highway 61, about the legendary blues musician Robert Johnson.

"It's a fable about Robert Johnson, who sold his soul to the Devil at Highway 61 and 49 in Clarksdale, Mississippi.  It's a comedy; I think you'll like it.  You'll see it as soon as we sell it to somebody, within the year.  We're trying to get it into some festivals now."