Exclusive: 'The Vampire Diaries' Producer Caroline Dries Previews Tomorrow's Episode



the vampire diariesTomorrow night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries brings the show back from a nearly month-long hiatus, and it counts down the last few episodes of season four. While the backdoor pilot for The Originals doesn’t air until next week, this week’s episode is pretty significant. It is the senior prom in Mystic Falls, so naturally chaos will ensue. A lot happens in this episode and I was worried that I would give all the good stuff away, so I went directly to TVD producer and the episode’s writer, Caroline Dries, to tell us about “Pictures of You.” If anyone can preview the episode without spoiling it, she can.

“The prom is the quintessential high school dance. This is senior prom, the one everyone looks forward to, and our main character is the biggest bitch in the world right now - is this how we want Elena’s prom to be? But yeah, it wouldn’t be Vampire Diaries if it felt like a normal dance. We need to make it feel like a different version of the prom - the anti-prom, almost. There is a kind of Carrie-esque feel that we wanted to explore, with the Bonnie part.

“There will be some interesting pairings, with regard to who dances with who - which might be teeing up some potential romances in the future. We get to meet Silas, the real Silas - or who we want you to believe at this moment is the real Silas. We have a special appearance by one of our favorite characters, who returns. Bonnie is exploring the next level of her magic. Poor Bonnie, when last we saw her, had forgotten a huge chunk of her past. Off-camera, Stefan had to tell her about Jeremy, so in this episode, Bonnie is really grieving Jeremy’s death. She goes to prom in an attempt to let go of some of the darkness and enjoy high school but of course, that’s not going to be possible. Then Caroline just wants to have a good prom. She puts on her game face, but of course, everything goes to shit. But at the end of the day, she ends up having the best prom of her life.”

The Vampire Diaries returns April 18th at 8pm on the CW.