Exclusive Video Interview with DJ & Producer Audrey Napoleon



Already a celeb in the Los Angeles club scene, self-styled “underground pop” artist Audrey Napoleon is rapidly making a global name for herself in the world of electronic dance music, thanks in part to the success of her single “#Mysunrise” (which accompanies a Heineken ad starring Audrey herself), a killer New Year's Eve performance with Deadmau5 in New York City, and a dark, stylish and sensual video for the track “Poison” (directed by Nicole McDonald, whose credits include the 2003 Marilyn Manson mini-feature Doppelherz).
Audrey's new EP Ornamental Egos is available as a free download at this link, so be sure to grab it while you can... but first, check out this exclusive interview, where she talks about her creative influences, her spooky new fashion line for The Rodnik Band, and her many visual projects, including an upcoming short film/music video for the song “Dope a la Mode,” which will feature a bloody, Carrie-style climax.