Exclusive: We Chat with Zombie Skateboarder Ollie Mongo


The brainchild of Arlene Klasky of Klasky Csupo Animation Studio and Craig Singer (film director/producer of Perkins 14 and Dark Ride), Ollie Mongo is a skatebaording zombie from the future (and New Jersey) who's determined to make all of our lives a lot more interesting; and who will be starring in his own digital comic book this summer. After the jump, check out my exclusive interview with Mr. Mongo.

Who is Ollie Mongo, and where can zombie fans find him?

Ollie Mongo? That's me! I'm a 16 year old skateboardin' fool...and a zombie! I live in the once beautiful seaside resort of Asbury Park, NJ, in the year 2210. Since the Apocalypse, things are pretty ramshackle around here. Hey, if ya wanna find me check out my Facebook page at I post really rad zombie and skateboard pics, plus I think my jokes are pretty funny! It's the best place to get news on all things about me.

How did you make the transition from skater to zombie skater?

Well to be real, there was no transition! I was born this way. I'm part zombie, part humanoid and started skatin' when I was in diapers. Oh yeah, skateboardin' is one of my supernatural powers. I have to admit I've got some mad skills! It's a bummer being a fast zombie though in a town of slow zombies. Those slow dudes have drawn a line in the sand! It's a battle!

Can you talk a little bit about your zombie friends and foes?

Sure, my best friend is Yuki. She's a beautiful tough stunt girl that's human! Yuki can skate rings around Asbury Park Z's. We disguise ourselves at night and go zombie chasing to break up their bullying and mayhem! Vinnie Stitch is the leader of a teenage gang of zombie bad guys and knuckleheads! Together with Dr. Hans Crash, the town's "Resident Evil", they're out to squash us!

Why do skateboarding culture and zombie culture fit so well together?

Well, in my mind both groups are awesome! They don't run with the mainstream! They have minds of their own and are passionate about zombie walks or rippin' ramps! It really puts 'em both in the zone! So, why wouldn't they just dig each other? They're alike! In my case, part zombie is what I am... and skatin' is what I do! I was born to shred!

Is it easier to find fresh brains when you have a quick, convenient mode of transport?

If you're a fast zombie like me, a skateboard can definitely get you that speedy exit! But since I'm part human, I don't have that "Braaaiiiinnnzzz" instinct goin' on. Anyway, the Zombie Act outlaws that kind of thing in the year 2210. Zombies are all required to be vegetarians! Does it make 'em nicer "people"? Hmmm, not exactly and I'm not sure zombies are people either...

Do other zombies get jealous and try to steal your skateboard?

Yep, Asbury Park zombies would steal just about anything! They cheat, walk backwards, cut in lines, do everything super slooooooow, laugh without smiling and generally act like dorks! Jealousy is just the tip of the iceberg with them! Was that too strong?

[Laughs.] What's your favorite zombie movie?

Oh man – I love 'em ALL! – I'm a big Night of the Living Dead fan (my dad turned me on to that one). I love 28 Days Later, Return of The Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Zombie – you name it! Fast zombie movies, slow zombies movies – I love em all! I'm thinkin' about being a horror film director some day... or maybe I'll get cast as an extra in a zombie flick! I'm so down for that!

What's your greatest fear?

Well, when I skate I really go for it! The sky's the limit – problem is when I wipe-out, the boardwalk becomes the limit. My body parts tend to fall off of me – an arm here, a leg there. My dad Mort Mongo's a Zomtologist at the Zombie Institute. He's a wiz at lasering me back together. So, I wouldn't exactly call it a "fear" but let's just say body parts falling off ... embaaaaarrrrrrassssing!

What's next for Ollie Mongo? Any big plans for the summer?

Rumor has it there's gonna be an Ollie Mongo digital comic book coming out this summer. It's all about my wild Adventures in the Apocalypse. There's also a crazy good zombie band that's immortalizing me in a music video, like I'm some kinda urban hero. They're awesome! I'm lookin' forward to makin' more friends on Facebook. Drop by, "Like" my page and say what's up! Peace out, dudes!