'The Final Destination' vs 'Halloween II'


This Friday, two horror heavyweights will battle it out at the multiplex. The Final Destination and Halloween II will go head-to-head competing for YOUR box office dollars. Which film do you plan on seeing, or are you going to see both? We sat down with The Final Destination Director David R. Ellis and Producer Craig Perry to get their take on this unusual situation and more importantly, to find out how something like this even happens. See what they had to say after the jump. 

Producer Craig Perry - I think it's tragic. It's embarrassing that we have to do this but we don't have a choice. We can't move because of the nature of 3-D scheduling. If you're gonna spend the extra money to make a movie in 3-D and maximize the value by releasing it on as many 3-D screens as possible you want to stay on those 3-D screens as long as you can. This date happens to be the best median between the two other 3-D releases that are closest to us. We can't move because it's going to impact the very reason for making the movie in 3-D. The Weinstein’s could have moved they could have pushed a week; weirdly they're cannibalizing their own weekend with the second weekend of Inglorious Basterds. I don't understand why they stayed.

I feel very confident that we're going to be very successful. I feel very confident in what Warner Brothers is doing for marketing the movie. The Final Destination is everywhere, they're doing a really fantastic job. They're [The Weinstein's] are going to cannibalize us with Halloween 2. We are going to destroy them because our movie is fun. I have the feeling that their movie is really dank and smells bad (laughs) and I love these movies, I love horror movies. I think their film is the grungy version, the 42nd street version from 1977 and ours is a very fast, fun paced thrill ride with bright, clever, weirdly associated things that you and I might understand in our lives. I think we're gonna do very well.

Director David R. Ellis - I'm scared. Rob Zombie is great, he has a huge fan base, and Halloween has a huge fan base. It's unfortunate that we're both going up against each other on the same weekend. We both have our fans and we're both gonna cannibalize each other. It's sad that it happened. Originally we were targeted to open the weekend before which would have been this weekend against Inglorious Basterds. They've got a lot of our demographic too, but they're two totally different kinds of films.

Next weekend we still have to worry about Inglorious Basterds and Tarantino of course, and we have to worry about Rob Zombie too. Our problem was we couldn't move. We're dictated on the chances we have to open based on the 3-D theater count and what other 3-D films are in line so unless we moved way back, we had no chance. We were stuck on that weekend and we were hoping maybe that, there was a rumor that Halloween may move closer to Halloween, so our hope was always that they would move off the date. And the Weinstein's were hoping to have 2 big opening weekends in a row, would help their company and what's going on with them and they were very successful this weekend with Inglorious and I'm glad for Quentin that happened but now we're both stuck. We're gonna go at each other which is too bad, I think the same demographic is gonna want to see both movies. So it's just which one they decide to see first, depends on who's gonna have the better weekend. whatever choice they make, hopefully the next weekend, will be good for the other film.

Myself? I'm going to see both opening weekend and I urge you to do the same. So the real question is, which film do you plan on seeing first?