Jamie Bernadette Talks About Her Newest Feature, 'Mile Marker Seven'


I’ve had my eye on the career of actress and burgeoning scream queen Jamie Bernadette since we met on the set of the upcoming film Axeman at Cutter’s Creek back in 2012, so it’s little surprise that my curiosity was piqued by the drop of the trailer for Mile Marker Seven, the latest horror feature she’s headlining.  Bad things seem to happen in the forest, and she sat down with us to give us the 411.

Written and directed by first-time feature filmmakers Anthony Scarpulla and Anthony Torrez and produced by Petter Anderson, Matthew Helderman and Luke Dylan Taylor, Mile Marker Seven follows (according to the synopsis) the character of "David (actor Wil Daniels), an independent oil contractor, on the brink of semi-retirement, is brought the opportunity of a lifetime by his friend and former business partner, Barry. Everything is going just as they wished, but what they don't realize is, while they are hunting oil, someone - or something - is hunting them."

Joining Daniels and Bernadette in the rural mayhem are actors Theresa June-Tao (Battle of Los Angeles), Jesse Bernstein (Death Tunnel), Shawn Law and Clayton Hoff, along with veterans Eric Roberts and John Henry Richardson.

“I thought the script was very intriguing, stated the engaging and down-to-earth Bernadette of what drew her to the project.  "It kept me guessing all the way through. I also liked the foundation of the story: a group of oil men and an oil woman going out into unknown territory to sniff out land that they believe has rich oil deposits."

The Illinois transplant stated that principal photography, which took place last June in Eureka, California, was "magical." "Shooting there, surrounded by the enormous redwoods and sequoias, it did actually have an eerie quality to it. I felt so swallowed by those woods and the air carries an unnerving, cold chill.”

As for her character Christine, the wife of an oil man, Bernadette told us “She used to be a nurse but no longer needs to work due to her husband's success, so she is now a homemaker. She is very sweet, helpful, and an absolute caretaker. She was a joy to get to know and to be.”

As for what genre fans can expect, Bernadette said “Even though I was in it and I of course knew the story, it still held me in suspense! It was then that I fully realized what a great film we have on our hands, because a film that is able to keep an audience guessing, and that entices the viewer to participate in the story to try to figure the mystery out, is a gem of a movie.” Mile Marker Seven is now complete, with distribution right around the corner.

As for what’s next on her plate, “I am acting in a super secret fan film in New York in March with director Letia Clouston, who directed me in the horror feature I produced called The 6th Friend, with (actress) Dominique Swain,” offered the actress. “Later in the year, I am filming in a horror feature called The Demoniacs in Italy by director Brian Feeney (The Echo Game), which stars Jessica Morris (Haunting of the Innocent), and I also have plans to produce two other feature films in the near future, both horror.”

For more info on Mile Marker Seven, head over to their Facebook page.