Oren Peli Talks ‘Paranormal Activity'… the Musical?!

Last Friday I spoke with Paranormal Activity creator Oren Peli and actor Micah Sloat – the co-star of Peli's hit found-footage film – about some of the scenes that didn't make it into the film's DVD release but that might their way onto a deluxe box set of all three Paranormal Activity films in the future – including a song or two from Sloat. Peli also talked about some of Paranormal Activity 3's cut scenes that will surface on the film's Blu-ray and DVD release on January 24th. Find out what Peli and Sloat (both of whom are pictured above with Paranormal Activity actress Katie Featherston) had to say after the jump.

Regarding Paranormal Activity 3's "Bloody Mary" scene – one of several featured in the film's trailer that was not in its theatrical cut – Peli remarked, "I believe this was one of the many scenes that we shot while shooting the movie that we ended up reshooting or just leaving on the cutting room floor. Some of it is actually in the Blu-ray, so a lot of the stuff that was not in the final cut, but you will recognize from the trailers, is gonna be on the DVD."

Sloat remarked, "For me personally there are a couple of improvised songs that I did that were really fun both for Paranormal Activity 1 and 2 that never made it into the final cut."

"For Paranormal Activity 1 I actually have tons of material," said Peli. I could fill a box set just with the Paranormal Activity 1 stuff we were goofing around with. We haven't had any discussions about releasing any of that. There may be some point in the future where we'll do a special release, and if we do I'll have a lot of material. But so far Paramount hasn't approached me about it. But when they do I'll have a lot of stuff and I promise you and Micah that his improvised song – which is actually really funny and really good – will make it there in some way."