Part of 'The Human Centipede' Returning for Full Sequence?


Anyone who has killed a centipede knows there’s always a leg or two that keeps kicking after the head has met its end on the bottom of your shoe. So, it stands to reason that Lindsay, the one part of Dr. Heiter’s Human Centipede experiment left alive, stuck in the middle of the monster holding it together, might be back for more.

I caught up with Ashley C. Williams (Lindsay), Ashlynn Yennie (Jenny), and Akihiro Kitamura (Katsuro) at Horrorfind to ask their advice for the actors out there who want to become part of the next proposed 12-body strong centipede. But, maybe I was too quick to assume none of the original bodies are returning for the Full Sequence.

“We cannot say or we’re going to get killed,” Ashley said. “We can’t tell you if any of us come back.”

OK. It would be bad if she got killed, especially since she’s working on another horror film that she can’t talk about.

“I have another horror film I’m shooting in England,” Ashely continued. “Can’t really talk about it because it’s still in the works.”

So, what’s with all the secrecy? It might have a little something to do with Tom Six’s comments to Dread Central a few months back. “The first film will seem like My Little Pony compared to what we do with the sequel. There will be a lot of black humor, and I’m excited as a director to see how far I can push audiences. We start shooting this June in London, and we’re looking to release the sequel before the end of the year if post production goes well,” he told Dread.

Hmmm … both filming in England? It could be a coincidence, except for the fact that Ashlynn is also filming a horror movie she can’t talk about. “I have another film that’s coming out next week, it’s a horror film called Fetch, she said. “And I just finished wrapping another horror film that I’m doing, again, I can’t say anything about it.”

Could Jenny be back too? It seems unlikely; she appeared to really be dead. Can intestines be unclogged? If anyone can make that storyline work it’s the man who came up with the idea of a human centipede in the first place.

As for the aspiring actors (or the really clueless coeds) who want to be part of the next centipede the cast had some advice.

“Have a sense of humor,” Ashley said. “It’s a movie, it’s going to be funny in some sort of way and you just have to keep it lighthearted because it’s kind of an avant-garde sort of thing. But honestly, we set the bar for all of the other Human Centipede people because they know what they’re getting into. We had no idea.”

Akihiro’s advice was more practical for survival as the head of the centipede. “Eat a lot. Drink a lot of water.”