SD Comic-Con 2012: Exclusive –- McKenzie Westmore on ‘Face Off’ Season 3


At Comic-Con this weekend I sat down to chat with actress McKenzie Westmore, who hosts Syfy’s Face Off. Westmore dropped some information regarding the upcoming third season (premiering on August 21st) of the hit reality show, in which up-and-coming makeup artists compete for a big break in the world of show business.

“There’s a lot that comes up in season 3,” said Westmore. “A lot of changes. One thing that fans will see is that one of our judges, Patrick Tatopoulos, leaves us for a little while to go to do 300: The Battle of Artemisia in Bulgaria. There’s a lot of drama that happens in season 3, and the artistry is amazing as always. A very spectacular finale that everybody has to look forward to. I don’t know how much I can give away, but it’s pretty mind-blowing. There’s some great stuff coming up. We have everything from superheroes to a Chinese New Year dragon, which the artists had to reinvent in some way. We have a Fight Club type thing, where it was fights and pyrotechnics and motorcycles. Where they had to make sure that the makeups were stunt-proof.”

“There was Alice in Wonderland zombified. How would you turn Alice in Wonderland into a zombie? It was so cool. It was kind of taken off of Resident Evil, coming from that world.

“There’s also a cyborg episode that [Terminator and Walking Dead producer] Gale Anne Hurd is judging, and we have a Doctor Seuss episode, with Whoville. [The Grinch Who Stole Christmas producer] Brian Grazer came in for that.

“Every season it gets upped more and more because the talent pool is greater and greater, which is fantastic.”