SD Comic-Con 2012: Reggie Lee Talks ‘Grimm’ Season 2


This weekend at Comic-Con I asked actor Reggie Lee (who’s no stranger to horror, having appeared in Sam Rami’s Drag Me to Hell) what season 2 of his hit NBC show Grimm, in which he plays police sergeant Wu, will have to offer horror films. Here’s what he said…

“When I grew up, the big thing for me was always suspense. I think that for any horror fan – and I’ve worked with Sam Raimi, so I kind of know – it’s that kind of build-up of suspense. You know they’re pulling you in with the music, but you’re loving it. So it’s more of that. And there’s going to be a lot more suspense, and a lot more action this year. Plus the creatures, I think, as I’ve seen them, get more real looking, as we go on.

“We just showed the first act of the next season and even as I watched it I was freaked out. And I kind of get to live in it. But we don’t get to see it all put together. But once we see it all put together like that…

“I think we get deeper into the mythology. We find out more about Nick’s mom, and what’s gonna go on with her. More about Juliet and Nick’s relationship, and who he’s gonna tell and who he’s not gonna tell, or rather who’s gonna find out and who’s not gonna find out. There’s more of that.

“There’s definitely more action. It’s definitely more real. The first season we kind of knew where we were going, but there was the comedy and there was this kind of adventure aspect. Now it’s getting into, well, the adventure, we already found out what it is. So now how are you going to deal with that if it was a real situation? So we get more into that, definitely.”