SD Comic-Con 2012: 'Venture Brothers' Creators on Halloween Special


One of the things the Venture Brothers does best is to champion the under-appreciated. Just look at Henchman 21's rise to glory.

I spoke with the the creators of the show, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick, at SDCC and in between hugs, Music Man sing-alongs, and a discussion of what exactly qualifies as a Rusty Venture, asked Hammer and Publick their thoughts on the most under-appreciated characters in the horror genre and who deserves another look.

"For horror genre the villains I appreciate are the villains everyone appreciates. You know what I like, Cenobites. I love Cenobites. Their whole charge is so hilarious to me. ... And I love Hannibal Lector. I know it's not really horror. It's almost the love of the stereotypical homosexual which is why everybody loves Hannibal Lector because he has effete quality. He's very interested in the arts and he manipulates purely through his powers to get under your skin. He really is painted as what is a stereotypical gay man, yet everybody loves him because he eats face. And I just love the idea that people get swayed into that. You love this precious artistic object and you will tolerate him more because he can eat a face. I love the aesthete. Yeah you're loving this dandy, but he eats face."

"The Chiller theater six-fIngered man," Jackson Public said.

The Venture Brothers will return in October with a Halloween special.  Prying specifics from the creators was difficult, but they were willing to talk in terms of candy.

"You know what it's like, it's like a chunky and you're not sure that raisins work," Hammer said. "Oh I love chocolate, who the fuck put raisins in it?"

"Yeah, there's nothing gross or dangerous about it, but you're just not sure," Publick said.