SDCC 2009: Paul Bettany Prepares Us for 'Legion'


A tried and true horror scenario – folks in a truck stop diner waiting to be picked off the creatures outside – comes back in a whole new form with Legion. Featuring angels with machine guns, blind vampires, and the Devil himself, LEGION is part war movie, part apocalyptic nightmare, and part horror gorefest. We spoke with stars Paul Bettany and Adrianne Palicki, and director Scott Stewart, at Comic-Con yesterday to find out more. Hit the jump to learn what they had to say.

On the visual inspiration for Legion:

Stewart: Francis Bacon's paintings were a visual reference for me. [...] Our vampires are a Darwinian divergence from man. They're not people. And they are, it's very biological. There are creatures in our world that are photosensitive and feed on the blood of mammals and sometimes don't even have eyes because they live in darkness. And there's only one nod in the film to the “sexy vampire,” and he's kind of unique character in this world.  It's kind of more of a war movie than it is a horror movie… The trailer is R rated; the movie's a hard R.

On Palicki’s character:

Palicki: She has a huge decision to make. She's going to ultimately have the future of mankind come out of her and that's a huge burden to be left with. Not only that; but she has to take care of it. This is a baby she wanted to give up for adoption, so she's not having any connection to that child. That change, it's really intense. There are some really endearing moments in this movie.

On what religious groups will make of it:

Bettany: I think religious groups will love [the idea of an archangel with a machine gun] because they're all gun lobbyists! This movie's going to be made into a comic book, it's called Legion: The Prophets. And when you go into a book store and you buy a graphic novel, you don't buy it in spirituality and personal growth. It's very clearly a fantasy. Anyone who takes it seriously or gets offended by it, I really, really don't want to take out drinking. Life's too fucking short.

On Bettany’s character, the archangel Michael:

Bettany: The wings are used as weapons, they're not solely for transportation purposes. They can slice and stuff. He has always toed the line, and traditionally Michael was the first angel to bow down to mankind, and God's love of mankind. I think it's appropriate in this fantasy story that he just can't stop loving human beings because he's been told to. So God loses his faith, but Michael doesn't. I also think that he feels it's a sort of destiny.