SDCC 2009: 'Zombieland' Press Conference


We've got answers to all of your burning Zombieland questions direct from San Diego Comic-Con courtesy of director Ruben Fleischer, writer Rhett Rees, along with actors Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson. Why slow zombies? Is it a horror movie? Is it gory? What does fake vomit taste like? Hit the jump!

Is Zombieland a horror movie?

Ruben Fleischer - Tonally I think it's more comedic than a lot of other zombie movies. Shaun of the Dead is really funny and I guess that's its closest kindred spirit as far as its approach to the zombie apocalypse but I guess this is a more grounded American version of that. I would say it's more of a comedy than a horror zombie movie. It's really about these characters and their unique experiences and the zombies are somewhat of a backdrop for it all.

What kind of impromptu weapons are used against the zombies?

Woody Harrelson - Chainsaw, skillet, toaster.

Jesse Eisenberg - Baseball bat.

Is the film gory?

Ruben Fleischer - There is a fair bit of gore, I would say it doesn't distance you from the movie because it is so gory. There's a sequence of rules that introduce you to the film, the rules that Jesse's character has learned to live by in this zombie apocalypse and there is some gore for sure, in that sequence.

What are some of your favorite zombie kills in the movie?

Jesse Eisenberg - Woody has the most interesting kills but the most enjoyable one to film was where I'm being chased by a zombie and [another zombie] has a baseball bat and I slide underneath his bat as he's swinging in order to kill the zombie that's chasing me. Well, it was fun to shoot because I like sliding on floors.

Emma Stone - I get to butt a zombie in the head with the back of my shotgun and he falls 80 feet to his death.

Woody Harrelson - I like the skillet.

What does the fake blood taste like?

Jesse Eisenberg - We all had fake puke in our mouth at one point which was delicious. It was like saltines and honey.

Why fast zombies?

Rhett Rees - Well 28 Days Later, I think, reinvented the zombie genre and added a real threat to the violence, which inspired us, and the new Dawn of the Dead did the same and the zombies just seemed scarier and to us that was crucial. Interestingly what we envisioned more than anything was an escapist fantasy that this post apocalyptic landscape, that while we all dread it, in some ways it would be fun. It would be fun to not have any traffic on the freeway and to be able to walk in the White House and swing from the chandeliers in the Lincoln Bedroom, to be able to kill without consequences. To us it seemed fun.

Ruben Fleischer - Slow vs. fast? It's scarier and more modern but also Shaun of the Dead did slow zombies so in order to distinguish ourselves it's good that we have fast zombies. The fast zombies are scary and ferocious. There's snot and puss and vomit coming out of them as they race towards you, it's truly frightening.

Why do you think that post apocalyptic films are so popular now?

Ruben Fleischer - I think now more than ever the post apocalypse is something we all have on our mind given the recent economic recession as well as ecological, environmental issues, bioterrorism, that could have some bad effects on the world we live in. With 2012, The Book of Eli, there's a bunch of these post apocalyptic movies coming out but ours is definitely the funniest.