SXSW 2010: Exclusive - Neil Marshall's Ready to 'Burst'


Genre fave Neil Marshall attended SXSW for the premiere of his new swords-and-sandals epic Centurion. But while he was there, he chatted with us about a couple of other projects of interest, including his upcoming 3-D horror film Burst, which he's developing with Sam Raimi. To find out what he told us about the latter film, hit the jump now.

What's next for you?

I'm currently executive producing a film that Axelle has written, The Ghost of Slaughterford, which we're going to shoot in the UK in June. That's really kind of an exciting prospect, producing for the first time – which is a whole new world of stress and trauma. I'm attached to direct next a project called Burst, which Sam Raimi's producing with Lionsgate and Ghost House, which is this 3-D horror movie about people exploding, amongst other things.

The way you describe it, Burst sounds like it will be ideal as a 3-D movie.

I think a combination of exploding people and 3-D seemed ripe with opportunity.

Are you engineering it in 3-D, or has it been fully written yet?

It's being rewritten at the moment. The writers of the script are doing a new draft for us as we speak. There's inherent properties to it that make it work on that level, but I'm not going to write into the script that things start flying into the camera. You're within a certain environment, and things start happening within that environment which can be readily exploited in 3-D and you can have fun with it. It's more to do with, like, sucking the audience into that world rather than throwing the world out at the audience, because it's a claustrophobic environment and we want to get people feeling claustrophobic.