SXSW 2010: 'Zombieland 2' Director Talks 3D


Today during a panel at the Austin, TX film festival SXSW, director Ruben Fleischer offered horror fans a few hints about his plans for Zombieland 2, which is being shot in 3-D. “I’ve been going to all these 3-D [pitch meetings], like the guys who did Avatar have something, and now Sony has something,” Fleischer revealed. “When I watch their demos and things like that, I get so fired up. I think it looks amazing so I’m excited to make Zombieland 2 in 3D and I think it’ll really hopefully enhance it.”

Fleischer appeared alongside directors Ti West (The House of the Devil), Neil Marshall (The Descent), Robert Rodriguez (Planet Terror), and Matt Reeves (the upcoming Let Me In) to talk about the state of contemporary horror. When the discussion turned to Hollywood’s current obsession with making movies in 3D, Fleischer addressed the previously-announced decision to make the Zombieland sequel using the technology, indicating that he wants it to genuinely improve the viewing experience.

“We’re writing it with 3D in mind,” Fleischer said. “I took the writers to the 3D workshop. We’re really going to try and make it something that’s intentional as opposed to some of the movies where it’s just another component to market or a way to make more money at the box office. For us we really want to make it something that just elevates the entertainment value of the film.”

Meanwhile, Fleischer said that his enjoyment of 3D technology has prompted him to reconsider what the first film might have looked like if it were shot that way. “When I look at Zombieland and I think about some of the cool shots that I’m proud of in the movie, I think about how much cooler they would have been if they’d been in 3D,” Fleischer mused. “For example, the woman flying through the windshield is the best example, [but] I can only imagine how cool that would look in 3D. Or some of the splatter gore or whatever. Without being gratuitous, I think it’s just a cool way to make it more entertaining.”

“I think Zombieland, what it’s best at is just being pure entertainment,” he continued. “I feel like 3D has that component of, in a way like a ride at an amusement park, it’s just a form of entertainment. To me, it enhances entertainment value, especially with a movie with the tone of Zombieland.”