Terry Gilliam Says 'Good Omens' Could Still Happen


At last week's Beverly Hills junket for his upcoming The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, I caught up with Terry Gilliam, and the beloved filmmaker told me that his long-in-development adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's bestselling darkly comic fantasy novel Good Omens isn't dead yet. Apparently, it's just resting. Hit the jump to read what Gilliam had to say.

When I asked Gilliam if Paranassus grew out of his interest in Good Omens – which also features a game of one-upmanship between the forces of God and the Devil – he replied with a laugh, "It's always been there. I went to Occidental College on a Presbyterian scholarship. The devil has always been there. And good and evil, right and wrong, the right choice and the wrong choice – all those things have always obsessed me, all my life. That's why I was interested in Good Omens. That why we wrote this. The same obsessions have been pursuing me all my life. Sometimes I get them out."

Regarding the fate of Good Omens, Gilliam commented, "It's still sitting out there. It needs a lot of money though. It's a very different story. Admittedly, there's an angel and the Devil, but it's very different. And it's better to find somebody who wants to take charge of that project. One of the things is that and another project got mired in costs. And now it's very hard to get those things moving, because they've got a price tag on them before you even begin now. So one day, if somebody is interested, it's waiting."