WonderCon 2010: Chloe Moretz Vamps Out in ‘Let Me In'!


By almost all accounts, Chloe Moretz is the best reason to see this month's superhero flick Kick-Ass. Fortunately, us horror fans can look forward to seeing the acting prodigy tackle our favorite genre next, when Moretz stars in the remake of  the acclaimed Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In -- simply titled Let Me In. Directed by Cloverfield's Matt Reeves and produced by England's newly reborn Hammer Studios, the film will see Moretz play Abby, a fully grown vampire who just happens to look like a young girl. Learn what Moretz told us about the film after the jump.

You have a really exciting project coming up, Let Me In. Are you a fan of the original Swedish film, Let the Right One In?

I haven't seen the whole thing of Let the Right One In, but I've seen pieces of it. But yeah, it's definitely exciting. It's a different side of a vampire that a lot of people don't see. It was a really fun thing to do.

What side do you think we're gonna see?

Well, it's the less romantic side of it. I mean, she's definitely very interesting, very deep. But it's a side of a vampire that no one sees in that it's a lot deeper. It's not glamorous to be a vampire.

What's it like, the transition from doing Kick-Ass to doing a horror film?

It's different. I really love doing diverse roles, so doing roles that go from action to thriller to a fantasy film, to a film where I play a street kid -- it's so much different stuff, it's a lot of exciting stuff. I'm very blessed and privileged.

So not only do you brawl, you bite?

[Laughs.] Yep, brawl and bite.

Can you say how your vampire may differ from the original film's vampire?

Well, you know, in the original film you see a different side of a vampire, right? It's a side that people don't see. And she's almost kind of romantic in the film, she's more romantic. So I drew from her character a lot, but I took more of a less romantic, more crestfallen… It's not a cool thing. It's a burden. It's something that, it isn't good to be a vampire. It's not so beautiful, it isn't romantic. It's not like, "I'm cold, but I'm really cool, because everyone likes me – I'm a vampire."

Like Twilight?

I'm not gonna go there. [Laughs.] But yeah, I just like showing a different side of it. A side that people don't see.

Do you think it will be a scarier, darker film?

It's pretty terrifying when you see me turn into a vampire. That's all I can say. It's definitely terrifying.

In real life, what's your greatest fear?

Snakes, spiders and flies.