WonderCon 2010 Exclusive: Paul W.S. Anderson on 'Castlevania' and 'Death Race 2'


When I chatted with Paul W.S. Anderson about Resident Evil: Afterlife at WonderCon 2010 this weekend, I made sure to ask him about Castlevania, his proposed film adaptation of another hit video game, and the Death Race prequel he's producing. Hit the jump to read my conversation with Anderson.

What can you say about Castlevania?

Other than I love the property and I love the idea of making a Castlevania movie, it's kind of up in the air, that film, right now.

Does the project stem from your love of dark fantasy and horror?

Absolutely, and that combined with a love of the videogame. I was a big fan of the game, still am. But also I have a [great] love of castles and dark spaces and confinement. And I think you see that in a lot of my movies. I actually come from a coal-mining family in the north of England. As a small child I remember going into a coal mine and I think that probably had a big effect on me. The dark, claustrophobic, underground spaces made a big impression on me. I like that aspect of those kinds of dark properties.

Any chance we'll see that in 3-D as well?

Anything I'm in involved in right now is 3-D. I'm a total convert. Everything I'm shooting from now on is with the Cameron Pace-Fusion Camera system. I think it's the best way of shooting 3-D. I think it gives the best 3-D quality imaginable. That's the system I'm using, and I'm applying it to virtually everything I'm doing right now.

Death Race 2 – how will it differ from the first Death Race?

Death Race 2 is Frankenstein Lives – it's the prequel. If you remember the start of the original movie, there was a little bit of text that describes how the Death Race was created. And we thought it would be fun to go back and actually show the audience the creation of the Death Race. So the movie deals with the creation of the original Frankenstein, which is the guy seen dying right at the start of the first movie. And we tell his story, how he started, how he became involved in the Death Race, and how he became horrendously disfigured and the man in the mask.