WonderCon 2010 Exclusive: 'Splice' Director Vincenzo Natali Explores 'Tunnels'


Splice is one of the most acclaimed, and high-profile, horror titles to emerge from Sundance in recent years. But for his follow-up film, director Vincenzo Natali is looking to tackle something new, with the kid-friendly but still frightening Tunnels. I spoke with Natali at this weekend's WonderCon -- find out what he has in mind for his genre project after the jump. 

"We're just rewriting the script right now with great fervor," said Natali. "The producers are really behind it. So I'm incredibly excited by the opportunity to work on a different scale."

"I haven't had the opportunity to describe it to many people… It's really about finding a very exciting world that exists beneath the banal one that we live in. It's about this kid whose father's an archaeologist, who disappears beneath the streets of London. He goes searching for him, and he finds that there's actually a society, a human society, and a kind of non-human society that are coexisting there. It's for kids, but it's scary. It definitely has an edge to it."