10 Wacky Vintage Halloween Commercials Part 1: The 1990s


Commercials are generally something you fast forward through while watching television. But when they are at least ten years old, they become kitschy and entertaining. Take a break from your Pre-Halloween horror movie marathon and watch some commercials. I've picked ten of the weirdest, funniest, and kitschiest Halloween commercials from the 1990s I could find.


Leslie Nielsen for Coors Light, 1990


Not to be outdone, Miller Lite had their own Halloween party in 1990, with Clarence Clemons


Zima, 1993 - Zima was a long-running joke in the 1990s, notably because of its spokes-douche. Judge for yourself.


Pizza Hut, mid-1990s


Fruity Pebbles, mid 1990s


Dunkin' Donuts, 1995


McDonald's, 1995. Nothing is scarier than that clown.


Toys 'r Us, 1996


Duracell, 1999-ish


This one may have been from the early, early 2000s, but it is quite scary for a candy commercial.