Best of 2013: Top 13 Horror Posters


Today, we shine the spotlight not on movies but rather on the poster art that was attached to them in 2013.  This past year saw some truly awesome poster art make its way onto the internet and our walls, to the point that it was no easy task to cut the list down to only ten.  In fact, it was downright painful to be forced to exclude such memorable imagery as a devil baby rocking out in the womb (Hell Baby), Sheri Moon Zombie staring us down in creepy skeletal makeup (The Lords of Salem) and a scary-looking tree standing in front of a scary-looking house (The Conjuring) - which is why I simply couldn’t bring myself to make any further cuts than those.

So instead of the planned ten, let’s instead take a look at my personal picks for the top 13 coolest horror posters of 2013!

Bad Milo


I don’t think anyone will argue against the proclamation that Bad Milo was this year’s best movie about a dude giving anal birth to a demon, nor do I think anyone will disagree with this poster’s inclusion on the list.  It’s an ass demon riding a skateboard, and wearing intestines as a scarf… what more could you possibly ask for, from the poster for wild and whacky horror-comedy such as this?

Birth of the Living Dead


One of the most enjoyable aspects of Rob Kuhns’ documentary Birth of the Living Dead was a handful of animated sequences from artist “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin, who also whipped up the poster art for the film.  Pullin is one of the best in the world when it comes to horror art, and this particular poster was perhaps the most stunning one we saw in 2013.  A true piece of art, in every sense of the word.

Devil's Due


The MPAA banning a movie poster is like your teacher telling you not to watch a certain movie; all both of those things accomplish is making that piece of art even cooler.  Such is the case with this boundary-pushing poster for the upcoming film Devil’s Due, which the MPAA deemed far too offensive.  Though unfit for American audiences, the poster is being used to market the film internationally.

Escape from Tomorrow


One of the most controversial films of the year was Randy Moore’s Escape from Tomorrow, a nightmarish journey that was filmed inside of the Disney World and Disneyland theme parks… without the knowledge of or permission from the Walt Disney Company.  It’s quite frankly a miracle that legal issues didn’t prevent the film from ever being seen, and I’m shocked that they were able to get away with covering Mickey Mouse in blood for this wild poster.  Ole Walt must be rolling over on his grave ice block, right about now!

Godzilla 2014


While most remakes tend to be universally hated by horror fans, sight unseen, our old friend Godzilla has garnered nothing but nerd excitement with his big return to theaters.  This teaser poster for the film was revealed at last July’s San Diego Comic Con, keeping the uber-Kaiju’s modern day look a mystery, while still managing to generate oodles of excitement.  It’s the kind of poster you’d expect a talented fan to make on his own, rather than a major studio to commission - and I say that in the most complimentary way possible.

Hannibal: Season 2


One of the best things to happen in 2013 was NBC’s Hannibal, an incredible new adaptation of Red Dragon that returns to the network this coming February.  Just a few weeks ago, NBC debuted the promo art for Season 2 of the show, showing FBI agent Will Graham wearing a familiar looking mask.  If this imagery doesn’t get you excited about the upcoming season, then I don’t think anything will!

Hatchet 3


Though I’m a huge fan of Adam Green’s Hatchet series, I must admit that the posters for the films have never quite managed to reflect the awesomeness of the movies themselves.  While Hatchet 2’s poster was hands down better than the first film’s, this badass art for the BJ McDonnell-directed Hatchet 3 blew both of them out of the water, showing Victor Crowley in all his menacing glory.

Maniac 2013


If you’re asking me, the poster for William Lustig’s original Maniac is one of the coolest and most iconic horror posters of all time, so this year’s remake needless to say had some pretty big shoes to fill in that department… and it filled those shoes quite well.  The film brought a few different posters along with it, the coolest of which was this one, which proves that Frodo Baggins can indeed be as creepy as Joe Spinell.  The whole movie has a Drive sort of vibe to it, and this colorful art perfectly hits that nail squarely on the head.



Ya know how you know when a movie poster is awesome?  When the mere sight of it gets people excited about the movie it’s promoting… even if the movie hasn’t actually been made yet.  Such is the case with Megafoot, which recently took the horror community by storm with this incredibly awesome one-sheet.  The movie, about a half cyborg/half Bigfoot monster, hasn’t even begun filming, but this artwork from Slasher Design was really all I needed to see to make me fall in love.  As for whether or not the movie can live up to the art, that of course remains to be seen.

Texas Chainsaw 3D


Polarizing doesn’t even begin to describe the horror fan reaction to Texas Chainsaw (3D), which got a whole lot more hate than it did love.  And though you likely won’t find it on too many ‘Best Of 2013’ lists, there’s no denying that this poster was pretty awesome.  Providing us with an unprecedented look into Leatherface’s curio cabinet, it was without question one of the creepiest posters of 2013.

V/H/S 2

V/H/S 2

Continuing the trend of VHS tapes forming a skull that we saw on the poster for the first V/H/S, this year’s sequel again impressed with an awesome piece of artwork, with a skull this time around being formed by the magnetic innards of a tape.  I was so taken with this poster that I actually recreated it in the flesh, using red poster board and actual VHS tape, and have it proudly displayed on my bedroom wall.  Okay, so my wife did most of the hard work, but it was my idea, so surely I get some credit for it, no?

Willow Creek


Few things excited me more in 2013 than the announcement that Bobcat Goldthwait was working on a Bigfoot film, which has been playing on the festival circuit since April.  Though most of us won’t get the chance to see Willow Creek until later this year, I take comfort in the fact that we’ve got this incredible art to hold us over.  I can only hope that Dark Sky Films doesn’t feel the need to change it, when they release the film theatrically.

You're Next


And finally, the long-awaited You’re Next wasn’t just one of the best horror movies of the year, but it also had one of the best posters of the year.  This brilliant poster uses the imagery of one of the animal masks from the film to form a maze, laying out the floor plan of the house where all the horror goes down.  A fun poster for a fun movie... it seems only fitting!

What were your favorite horror posters of 2013?  Comment below and let us know!