'Dexter' Season 7: WWDD? - What Will Deb Do?


I am so freaking excited for the new season of Dexter. After last year’s tepid season, a whole new world opens up when Deb walks in on Dexter stabbing Travis (last year’s “big bad”) to death. Now Dexter is the “big bad,” and the question on everyone’s mind is: “How will Deb handle it?” Of course, we have seen blips of scenes for the upcoming season, but there is so much room for interpretation. What are Deb’s options?

Ignore It.
We already know that she doesn’t - she can’t - ignore what she saw, but that doesn’t mean Deb doesn’t try to ignore it.

Arrest Him.
Deb has always been one of the most upstanding, by-the-books cops on television. If this were anyone besides her brother, she would arrest him without hesitation. The likelihood of Deb arresting Dexter is pretty slim, but let’s say she does. I think that Deb would take it way harder than Dexter. I don’t think she could live with herself if she arrested him. It would be Deb’s downfall.

Into It.
As much as Deb is an honest cop, she is about justice. Maybe one too many killers have been let off due to technicalities, and killing the unconvictable might give her a weird sense of satisfaction. A different sense of satisfaction than killing gives Dexter, but one nonetheless. I don’t really see Deb as a vigilante, though. She is way too by-the-books.

Rationalize It.
Finding your wife murdered at the hands of a brutal serial killer can really fuck up a person. Dexter and Deb could play the mutual rationalization game (aka denial) that this is some sort of horrible post-traumatic stress disorder. After Rita was killed by Trinity, Dexter snapped. He tried to ignore the voices in his head, but when he got to Travis, he couldn’t ignore them any longer. Maybe it was Travis’s murder of his sister that set Dexter over the edge. Temporary insanity drove him to it.

Let's hear your theories!