Dexter Week: Deb and Her Foul, Foul Mouth



jennifer carpenterOne of the most memorable parts of Dexter has always been Deb’s creative use of curse words and blasphemous utterances. Most of the time, it didn’t matter what she was referring to; the simple act of cursing was glorious in its own right. We’ve collected 10 of our favorite Deb curses for your enjoyment. Add a few to your vocabulary!

Episode 205, “The Dark Defender”
“Sweet Mary mother-of-fuck, that’s good.”

Episode 303, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”
Deb discovers that Rita is pregnant: “A baby?! A motherfucking roly-poly chubby-cheeked shit-machine, are you kidding me?!”

Episode 307, “Easy as Pie”
In response to how much coffee Deb has had: “A metric fuck-ton.”

Episode 502, “Hello Bandit”
After Rita’s death, Dexter and the kids stay at Deb’s apartment, leaving her to crash at Quinn’s apartment. “What are you doing fuckpuddle? I am here to sleep, I don’t want to deal with your little sausage fingers all over me.”

Episode 504, “Beauty and the Beast”
“Fuck me in both ears.”

Episode 507, “Circle Us”
“Shit a brick and fuck me with it.”

Episode 601, “Those Kinds of Things”
At the first Doomsday crime scene: “Holy freaking fuck! Snakes!”

Episode 606, “Just Let Go”
To Quinn: “I could give a fuck who you fuck. Just don’t fuck with my investigation you fuck.”

Episode 607, “Nebraska”
When leaving a message on Dexter’s voicemail: “Where in fucktopia are you?”

Episode 709, “Helter Skelter”
“Holy filet of fuck!”

Bonus! Here are a couple supercuts of Deb cursing her little fucking heart out.