FEARNET's Most Anticipated Horror Of 2014!


Well, 2013 has come and gone and it was a pretty darned good year for horror, both at the theaters, as well as on TV with more horror television programming than ever and the exponential growth of VOD releases. This year may have just started, but 2014 doesn't show any signs of slowing down in terms of genre offerings. Alyse has got you covered with Four New TV Shows We Can't Wait For. How 'bout we take a look at feature length movies due out this year? Get your calendars out and let's break down some of the most anticipated horror titles arriving later this year.


We may have missed out on getting another 'Paranormal Activity' film last Halloween, but Blumhouse is wasting no time this year as the Latino-centric spin-off film 'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones' is now playing in theaters as of today! While fans and peers were fairly vocal in their disappointment over 'Paranormal Activity 4,' 'The Marked Ones' apparently puts the series back on track and early word is that it's quite good. And don't worry, if this isn't enough to satisfy your craving, 'Paranormal Activity 5' is due in theaters October 22nd. 

DEVIL'S DUE (Jan 17th)

This January, it looks like we're getting hit with two "found footage" style horror movies in a row, but the main reason we're excited about this one is because it comes from directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, 2/4th's of the filmmaking troupe Radio Silence who were responsible for the last (and easily best and scariest) segment in 'V/H/S.' Come on, aren't we all suckers for "devil baby" movies anyways?  Allison Miller, Zach Gilford & Steffie Grote star in this one.


This Israeli made foreign film has been gaining a tremendous amount of buzz on the festival circuit, in part because of the huge ringing endorsement from Quentin Tarantino who named it "the best film of the year." A cop and a grieving father's worlds collide when they both go after and capture the same supposed pedophile killer. From there, some much deserved revenge is served cold to the perpetrator. And if you're skeptical to the idea of such dark subject matter being played as a black comedy, the trailer below truly sets up the tone that the film is going for. Magnet Releasing, always the advocate for interesting & ambitious indie cinema, releases this both in theaters and on demand January 17th. Tarantino's opinion not good enough for you? Read Scott Weinberg's review of 'Big Bad Wolves.'

KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM (In Theaters Jan 21st, On VOD Feb 11th)

Finally! After an impressive presentation at Comic-Con back in 2011, horror fans were eagerly anticipating the genre-bending 'Knights Of Badassdom' from 'Holliston's Joe Lynch at the helm and starring Ryan Kwanten ('True Blood'), Peter Dinklage ('Game Of Thrones'), Summer Glau ('Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles') & Steve Zahn ('Joyride'). But after years of post-production battles behind-the-scenes, the movie is finally getting a release both in limited theatrical (via Tugg screenings) and VOD outlets. However, fans will not be seeing director Lynch's original cut of the film. Does this "producer's cut" eliminate all of the fun, gorific horror elements? We'll just have to wait and see. Keep tabs on the official 'Knights Of Badassdom' Facebook page.


A filmmaker that has popped up several times on FEARnet both in articles as an underrated filmmaker and whose filmography is recommended in this "Obscure Gems" list is Dante Tomaselli. His first two films 'Desecration' and 'Horror' played like non-linear bad acid trips with crazed nightmarish imagery. His 2006 feature 'Satan's Playground' was more straight forward horror but also sadly the last of his features to come out. This month, that all changes as his newest feature 'Torture Chamber' comes to DVD on January 28th. Starring Vincent Pastore ('Return To Sleepaway Camp'), Christie Sanford and Lynn Lowry ('The Crazies'), all of Tomaselli's trademark colorful visuals and lunacy are on full display in this trailer below. If anything, it'll be another strange trip.

NURSE 3D (Feb 7th)

Ya gotta admit, that 'Nurse 3D' poster from a few years back was pretty darned cool looking. But alas, does a title, some perverse poster art and the 3D gimmick make for a good movie? Well judging from this trailer, will we at least be treated to a trashy good time? We'll know for sure on February 7th when Paz de la Huerta ('Enter The Void') stalks Katrina Bowden ('Tucker & Dale Versus Evil') in what now is being skewed as a 'Single White Female' style thriller as opposed to a 'Saw'-esque slasher as those teaser posters promised. Judd Nelson and Kathleen Turner cameo as well.

GRAND PIANO (March 7th)

Elijah Wood continues to flirt with genre material in this DePalma-esque thriller from up & coming filmmaker Eugenio Mira. John Cusack co-stars as a psycho that threatens to shoot pianist Tom Selznick (Wood) during his comeback live performance if he plays one wrong note. There are plenty of fun surprises in store for this tense thriller. This trailer should give you a good sense of what you're in for. Plus Alex Winter is in it! Read Scott Weinberg's review of 'Grand Piano.'

CHEAP THRILLS (March 21st)

Another movie creating huge waves on the film festival circuit this year was 'Cheap Thrills,' the debut feature from director Evan Katz starring Pat Healy, Sara Paxton (both from 'The Innkeepers'), Ethan Embry ('Vacancy') and David Koechner ('Piranha 3DD') in a story that pushes the limits of just how far you'd go to earn some extra cash. Drafthouse Films will be putting this one out in theaters March 21st. Read Scott Weinberg's review of 'Cheap Thrills.'

MISSIONARY (Spring 2014)

What exactly is 'Missionary?' It's the new thriller from director Anthony DiBlasi and if you're familiar with his work, then you'll know why we're excited for this one. DiBlasi wrote & directed 'Dread,' the excellent adaptation of the Clive Barker story and also produced other Barker based films like 'The Midnight Meat Train' and 'Books Of Blood.' His second feature 'Cassadaga' is one of last year's best kept secrets (check it out ASAP) and so 'Missionary' marks his 3rd feature film behind the camera. It was one of the first 4 films acquired by The Orchard & Shock Till You Drop as part of their new genre banner and should be hitting VOD and DVD sometime in the Spring. Hit up the official 'Missionary' Facebook page for more details. Read Scott Weinberg's review of 'Missionary,' and check out the trailer over on Shock Till You Drop.

ALMOST HUMAN (Spring 2014)

After successful screenings in Toronto at TIFF, Sitges in Spain and Beyond Fest in Los Angeles, 'Almost Human' is getting a Spring release courtesy of IFC Midnight. Written & directed by Joe Begos and starring Graham Skipper ('Re-Animator: The Musical'), Josh Ethier (who also produced & edited the film) and Vanessa Leigh, we've been anticipating this alien abduction/slasher hybrid ever since we read Scott Weinberg's review of 'Almost Human.' 80's style horror sensabilities? Gore galore? We're in!

THE SACRAMENT (VOD May 5th, Theaters June 6th)

The latest film by Ti West ('The House Of The Devil,' 'The Innkeepers'), produced by Eli Roth and starring AJ Bowen ('The Signal'), Joe Swanberg ('You're Next'), Amy Seimetz ('A Horrible Way To Die') and Gene Jones ('No Country For Old Men') will be released first on VOD on May 5th and then in limited theatrical on June 6th courtesy of Magnet Releasing. Very loosely based on the Jonestown Massacre, 'The Sacrament' is West's most ambitious, emotional and best film to date. Read Scott Weinberg's review of 'The Scarament.'

GODZILLA (May 16th)

It's been quite a while since we've had a Godzilla film, let alone an American interpretation! In the wake of 'Cloverfield,' can Gareth Edwards ('Monsters') give us something new & unique with the legendary monster? Casting Bryan Cranston ('Breaking Bad'), Aaron Taylor-Johnson ('Kick-Ass') and Elizabeth Olsen ('Oldboy') is a good step in the right direction. Check out this teaser trailer below.

THE PURGE 2 (June 20th)

Very little is know about exactly what Blumhouse has in store for 'The Purge 2' but considering the strong concept (and box office) of the first, here's hoping they take this (now) franchise into radical new directions. The film is currently shooting with original director James DeMonaco back at the helm and with stars Frank Grillo ('Mother's Day'), Zach Gilford ('Devil's Due') & Michael K. Williams ('Robocop'). It's scheduled to arrive in theaters this June 20th.


After 'Sinister,' consider us "in" with anything director Scott Derrickson has got in store. And he's following up that monster hit (which in itself is also getting a sequel) with 'Deliver Us From Evil,' formally 'Beware The Night,' in which a New York City cop investigates a series of heinous crimes involving the occult and demonic possession! Eric Bana, Olivia Munn and Joe McHale lead the cast and although the film was originally slated for a January 2015 release, Sony was so impressed with how the movie is coming together that they've bumped it up to the prime summer slot of July 2nd!


There were only a few screenings of Eli Roth's 4th feature film 'The Green Inferno,' which marks his return to the horror genre in the form of cannibal exploitation cinema! And of the people that have seen it, they seem to be on polar opposite sides. Some loved it for it's over-the-top humor and gore. Other hated it. Regardless, it'll be interesting to see how American audiences embrace Roth's loving homage to films like 'Cannibal Holocaust' when it arrives in theaters September 5th. You can read Scott Weinberg's early review of 'The Green Inferno' for a tease.

[REC] 4: APOCALYPSE (Oct 10th)

While '[Rec] 3' was a prequel to the first two films, the upcoming '[Rec] 4: Apocalypse' is back in sequel territory and follows immediately after the events of '[Rec] 2.' Not much is known yet about what director Jaume Balagueró has in store, but it's nice to have Manuela Velasco back as Ángela Vidal after her absence from the last movie. This teaser trailer below did recently surface on-line, although it doesn't give us any footage from the sequel just yet.


Production recently wrapped on the 'Poltergeist' remake/sequel with Gil Kenan ('Monster House') in the director's chair and Sam Raimi ('Evil Dead') producing. All has been quiet as they continue to put the movie together in post-production, but we do know that Sam Rockwell ('Moon'), Rosemarie DeWitt and Jared Harris star and it's currently slated for a November 14th release. More on the new 'Poltergeist' as soon as we hear it.

TUSK (Fall)

Kevin Smith recently wrapped production on his latest film 'Tusk,' another "horror" film which was picked up by A24 for distribution and will be released in the third quarter of 2014.  Genesis Rodriguez, Haley Joel Osment ('The Sixth Sense'), Justin Long ('Drag Me To Hell') & Michael Parks ('From Dusk Till Dawn') star in the bizarre story of a podcast host that goes missing and potentially turned into a giant walrus?! The story came to be on Smith's own podcast when he and his producing partner Scott Mosier hashed out the whole movie idea on air.


Director Greg Mclean reunites with actor John Jarratt as Mick Taylor for 'Wolf Creek 2!' The sequel to the original, which was loosely based on the real-life crazed outback killer! This one stars Ryan Corr & Shannon Ashlyn and is out in Australia on February 20th. We're still waiting for the official word on a US release so we'll keep you posted! In the meantime, we do have this trailer below.


Based on the novel by cult author Joe R. Lansdale, 'Cold In July' will make it's premiere this January at Sundance Film Festival. Why are we excited? It's the latest from director Jim Mickle who follows up 'Mulberry Street,' 'Stake Land' and 'We Are What We Are.' Also, it stars 'Dexter' himself Michael C. Hall in the story of two men pitted against each other in a revenge plot, who uncover a much darker truth. Lansdale, Mickle, Hall? Count us in!


If you've seen any of Álex de la Iglesia previous movies - 'The Last Circus,' 'The Day Of The Beast,' 'The Baby's Room' and then take a look at this insane red-band trailer for his latest 'Witching & Bitching,' then you'll understand why we're so excited for this one. While this one doesn't exactly fall under the catagory of "horror," it's wacky sensabilities should appeal to genre fans. (Heads up, the below trailer is in Spanish with no subtitles. But you won't need 'em!) IFC Midnight picked this one up and plans a theatrical/VOD release later this year.


Alexandre Aja ('High Tension') directing former Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe in an adapation of the Joe Hill novel? Yep, count us in. While the film premiered at a few festivals last year, we're still waiting on an official release date and trailer for this one. We'll keep you posted!


Over the course of the last several years, who would've predicted that comedian Bobcat Goldthwait would go on to become a master director in the art of the black comedy. So when he announced his follow-up to the demented 'God Bless America' would be a found-footage Bigfoot horror movie, our brains kind of exploded. Scott Weinberg got the chance to see the flick, so check out his 'Willow Creek' review while we wait on word of an official release.


Scream Factory just gave this 1976 cult classic a proper Blu-Ray release, so it'll be interesting to see what producers Ryan Murphy ('American Horror Story') and Jason Blum has in store for this modern story, which from what we hear acknowledges the original movie and the true events it was based on! Here's a quick synopsis: "65 years after a masked serial killer terrorized the small town of Texarkana, the so-called 'moonlight murders' begin again. Is it a copycat or something even more sinister? A lonely high school girl, with dark secrets of her own, may be the key to catching him." Addison Timlin, Denis O'Hare ('True Blood'), Gary Cole ('One Hour Photo'), Joshua Leonard ('The Blair Witch Project') and Veronica Cartwright ('Alien') all star. Look for this one later this year.

Which of these genre titles are you most excited for? Any on here we didn't mentioned that you can't wait for? Sign off in the comments section below!