Grab A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee at These 'Twin Peaks'-Themed Cafes


Who would have guessed that 30 hours of television would inspire a timeless cult following that has only grown stronger in the 20 years since it went off the air? I am, of course, talking about Twin Peaks, one of David Lynch's most beloved properties. Did you know that there are bars and cafes around the world that are Twin Peaks-themed? I didn't... until now.

The Black Lodge in Vancouver

They have only been open for a couple months, but the Black Lodge in Vancouver features a Red Room bathroom, tree slice tables, and Laura Palmer's photo over the bar. The owners promise that they will be incorporating more Twin Peaks themes over the next few months. I assume that will include cherry pie on the vegetarian menu.

Source: Welcome to Twin Peaks, Yelp

The Log Lady Cafe in Copenhagen

A former tattoo parlor-turned cafe seems the perfect setting for a David Lynch-inspired eatery. Taxidermy, tree trunk stools, and cherry pie bring Twin Peaks to life.

Source: Unlike

The Bookhouse Pub in Atlanta

A woodsy, tiki-themed pub and eatery, The Bookhouse features a specialty cocktail list with drinks based on various Twin Peaks characters: Laura Palmer, Agent Dale Cooper, Log Lady, and Audrey Horne among them.

Source: The Bookhouse Pub

Mission Chinese in New York

This hipster dive Chinese place is an ode to cheap take-out places (with a high-end menu and prices to match) but the bathroom is mildly Twin Peaks-themed. Laura Palmer's photo, a totem, and the theme song on a loop highlight the tiny toilet.

Source: NYMag