Holiday Chopping List: Zombie Goodies


Is there anyone who doesn't love zombies? I defy you to show me someone who doesn't love zombies. Well, I'm sure the characters in The Walking Dead aren't too fond of them, but show me a real human being who isn't fascinated by the living dead. Nope, you can't. There is a lot of zombie stuff out there, so we've cut through the nonsense and picked out some of the best zombie goodies from around the web.

Zombie High Heels

Talk about kick-ass shoes.  These towering platform high heels from Iron Fist feature a gruesome, slobbering zombie visage printed on it.  It's not all blood n' brains though – a bow at the heel sweetens things up.  There is a peep-toe, though, so watch out for fresh zombies taking a nibble.  The sole of the shoe hides a spooky surprise – braaaaaains.  No, wait, a zombie eyeball.  These shoes are 100% vegan, so even if you don't mind harming zombies, you don't have to worry about harming a cow.

$45 at

Zombie Portraits

Here is your chance to be a zombie without that pesky death part. Artist Rob Sacchetto will take any photograph - be it you, your spouse, your kid, even your dog - and zombie-fy it. He starts by recreating your likeness in pencil, does a background wash, lays down a base of "human flesh," then starts adding rotting flesh and gore. He finishes with detail work in ink and crayon pencil. The whole process takes three to six hours, but he has been known to spend 15 hours on some portraits.

$80.00 at

Remote Controlled Zombie

Slow-moving zombies get another check in the "pro" column with this remote-controlled zombie toy.  No longer are zombies controlled by their hunger, but by the little brain-shaped remote in your hand.  Zombie Joe groans hungrily as he shuffles across the room, and his neck and arm can be repositioned to further frighten your victim.

$24.99 at

Zombie Headband

Have you ever wanted to be a zombie, but didn't want the pesky chore of ripping off a chunk of your skull to reveal the sweet, sweet brain goo underneath?  Then this headband is perfect for you - it is like a window into your head.  No zombies (or humans) were harmed in the making of this handmade headband.

$23 at

Zombie Magnetic Poetry

Whether you are a survivor or the walking dead, put your feelings into words with this box of ravenous yet slow-moving word magnets. Over 200 zombie-specific words like "outrun," "mindless," "escape," "wander," "hungry," and, of course, "brains" will make you a literary giant when the zombie apocalypse hits.

$8.48 at

Zombie Attack Hoodie

With this zombie attack hoodie, you can look like a bad-ass without actually having to be a bad-ass. Loaded with authentic zombie attack marks like bloody handprints, a bandaged bite wound, and long slashes, this hoodie will reinforce any story you tell about being late. Okay, it really won't. But it still looks wicked.

$59.99 at

Zombie Cookie Jar

I saw this cookie jar for sale back in September - and it has been sold out since then.  Grab one while you can!  This cookie jar is the perfect "screw you" to all those damn zombies.  They ate the brains of your friends and loved ones; now eat their brains. Luckily, this zombie's brain tastes like snickerdoodles.  

$39.99 at

iZombie Vol. 1

An interesting take on the zombie genre, this graphic novel follows an undead female who can maintain the appearance of a live girl by eating brains once a month.  Not content to stick solely with zombies, writer Chris Roberson and illustrator Mike Allred throw in a ghost stuck in the 60s and a were-terrier, and the trio fight villains like evil sororities and a lascivious mummy.

Pat the Zombie

When I was a little kid, one of my favorite books was Pat the Bunny, a little picture book that was notable for having different fabrics and textures to illustrate the story. Pat the Zombie is a new retelling of the tale of two curious toddlers and their tactile exploration, but with decaying flesh instead of bunny fur. The book claims to be for adults, but what better way to expose your child to the realities of the impending zombie apocalypse?

Bowling for Zombies

It's never too early to start teaching your kids to defend themselves against the inevitable zombie uprising. So do it in a fun and non-threatening way with this zombie-themed bowling set. Of course, we wouldn't blame if you kept it for yourself.

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