Horrifying Scenes Built Entirely Out of Legos


Legos were one of my favorite toys as a kid. I have discovered that as an adult, the joy hasn't faded - I just have more money to spend on them.

Recently, Lego released a series called Monster Hunters that includes sets like a vampire castle, a ghost train, and a werewolf set. I went insane for the haunted house set which just came out (and should be at my doorstep any day.) Lego fans are pretty hardcore, and create some amazing, original designs that are on part with any traditional sculptor's creation. Unsurprisingly, many of these come from the minds of horror fans. I have culled together some of the most impressive horror scenes built from nothing but Legos. Enjoy.

Alex Eylar is a hardcore Lego builder and photographer. My favorite?

psycho house in lego

The Psycho House

zombie apocalypse in legos

In 2008, zombies were the theme at the annual BrickCon. This is an overview of the Lego zombie apocalypse.

predator lego

Predator trophy!

little shop of horrors lego

Little Shop of (Lego) Horrors

stephen king's the dark tower lego

Stephen King's Dark Tower

texas chainsaw massacre lego

This guy did a whole series of scenes from various installments of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

the ring lego

This impressive The Ring setup allows you to have Samara crawl out of the well and right through the TV set.

sanctuary of the damned lego

I'm not sure what the Sanctuary of the Damned is from, but holy monkey, it is impressive.

hp lovecraft lego

An amazing homage to H.P. Lovecraft

hill house lego

An even more amazing tribute to horror movies, Hill House is an original creation that includes around 10,000 Lego pieces!