Our Favorite Evil-Looking Kitties


Cat photos have taken over the Internet. It’s virtually impossible to scroll through one’s Facebook or Twitter feed without happening upon a meme featuring Grumpy Cat mean mugging the camera or Lil Bub doing something impossibly cute. It is a scientific fact that the Internet is in love with cats. We love them when they are nice; we love them even more when they are naughty. Perhaps the reason we adore our feline friends can be attributed to their aloof nature. They make us feel like we are special just because we are being graced with their presence. Or maybe it’s the fact that our cats can always be counted on to silently pass judgment on us for spending the entire day watching House of Cards (without taking time out to bathe or change out of our PJs). Whatever the reason, we couldn’t be more pleased that kitty friends have become the Internet’s most popular animal, even if they are slightly selfish and purely diabolical.

As FEARNET contributor Sara Castillo once astutely pointed out, “Cats are Satan’s furry minions.”  So, to illustrate just how wicked our feline counterparts can be, we are spotlighting several of the most evil kitty photos from around the net.

Hey, at least these cats aren't turning into werewolves. For more adorably creepy critters, check out pets dressed as Freddy Krueger.
Frankenstein Cat

Drac Cat