Our Favorite Frightening Female Comic Villains


Comic Con is upon us once again and it got us thinking about our favorite comic villains that freak us out. We're talking villains that could qualify for their own horror franchise, right alongside Freddy or Jason. But, in an effort to narrow the field, we've taken a look at the freakiest, most frightening female villains we could find! And no, we're not talking about sexy Harley Quinn or sultry Emma Frost. When we say "frightening" we damn well mean it!

from Spider-Man

One of the freakier-looking ladies on this list, Scream was infected with the same type of alien symbiote that made Black Suit Spider-Man, Venom, and Carnage. Her powers including the web slinging and wall crawling that all of her comrades had access to, but she was also able to disguise herself at will. She used those wild, flowing locks to whip, ensnare, and generally harass her foes. We like Scream because of how wild and dangerous she looks. And after a big nervous breakdown, she began hunting her own kind. All symbiotes are creepy crawly, snarling, nasty villains, and we love that they finally decided to give those attributes to a woman as well as all the male symbiote villains. She's perhaps most dangerous and frightening because of her chaotic nature. You never know if she's going to kill you, kidnap you, fight alongside you, or flee the scene. But whenever she shows up her foes take her seriously.

Mrs. Hack aka The Lunch Lady
from Hack/Slash

Poor Cassie Hack, ever since she was a kid she's had it rough. Sure, these days she galavants around the world killing "Slayers" and other evil types with her big, quiet friend Vlad, but when she was just a little tyke she went face to face with one of the scariest comic book villains in recent years: her mother. Also known infamously as The Lunch Lady, Mrs. Hack seemed like little more than an overbearing mother. She worked as the lunch lady at Cassie's school, protecting her strange daughter from the bullies and mean girls. But when the kids who picked on Cassie began disappearing and the school lunches began tasting funny, a young Cassie had to face facts. Her mother was a serial killer. The best part about The Lunch Lady is that we don't have all the facts yet. Everything we know about The Lunch Lady we've learned from flashbacks, a four page spread, and gleaned information. We can't wait for the inevitable long-shot prequel that'll go deeper into the character that started Cassie on her hunt against the cruel and insane.

Cassandra Nova
from the Marvel/X-Men Universe

Okay gang, from here on in things are going to get weird! We'll see if we can summarize Cassandra Nova succinctly. She was a formless, bodiless entity that entangled with Professor X while he was a baby in the womb. She copied his DNA, but he sensed her evil presence and destroyed her, so she was stillborn (yes, for real). But the dead fetus survived as "chaotic cellular matter" by clinging to the walls of a sewer for years (seriously, this was in a Marvel comic). There Cassandra rebuilt her physical form and mimicked the behavior of humans. Eventually she ended up looking like an f**ked up Professor X and lived her life convinced that the world we all live in was actually still the womb she first grew up in, and that all the people, places and things were illusions created by the goodly professor. She's super-powerful and totally creepy. I mean, come on! Just looking at her and knowing that she's basically aborted monstrous flesh gives us the creeps! Of course, she was created by Grant Morrison, so we shouldn't be too surprised.

Lady Death
from the Marvel Universe

You may know Lady Death by her other, simpler name: Death. Appearing in the trippy-er, harder to follow cosmic comics that Marvel sometimes has a penchant for, this character is the abstract concept of death itself. She also happens to be the love pursuit of the titan villain Thanos. When she appears in a physical form, she looks like a beautiful woman dressed in robes of all black. Of course, sometimes her head isn't a pretty woman's head... sometimes it's a bare skull. For the most part Death remains neutral, tucked away in her own little realm. But whenever the good guys start winning too much, whenever the balance between life and death tips over to the side of people generally living more than they should, she pops her head in and devastates! Talk about scary! All that the heroes of the world have to do to incur her wrath is keep the citizens of the universe alive and well!

The Fiend Entity/ Bonnie Harris
from Savage Dragon

In this author's humble opinion few female villains are more vile, few pose a greater threat to their target superhero, and few are made of darker stuff than when a being known as the Fiend Entity inhabits the body of Bonnie Harris in the early pages of Savage Dragon. Commonly referred to as The Fiend, this evil spirit thrives on hate and wants to kill Dragon - it just needs a human host. And in the poor old Dragon's world a lot of people hate him. So The Fiend spent some time hopping from host to host until it found Bonnie Harris. Bonnie was the mother of Debbie Harris, a cute woman who loved Dragon but was shot dead by her psycho ex-boyfriend at Dragon's house. Because of this unfortunate turn of events, Bonnie has nothing but pure, vile hatred for our hero. The Fiend and Bonnie united in a match made in hell, resulting in a super-powered, disgusting, evil and mangled version of Bonnie. Convinced that if she killed Dragon his soul would go to heaven, The Fiend has done everything from breaking all the bones in his body and leaving him in a tight shaft (so his natural healing abilities would kick in, healing him into a crippled mess) to using a sorcerer to make sure his soul goes to hell (and it worked)!


Honorable mention goes to femme fatales like Poison Ivy (who, while beautiful and mainstream, still plays with poison and can control plants) and The Quiz from Doom Patrol (who had a crippling fear of dirt, lived in a sealed tent/suit, and had every super power you've never thought of). Who have we forgetten? In a world of sexy catwomen and shape-shifting mystiques, what female villains actually freaked you out?