SD Comic-Con 2012: Cash for Cthulhu: 8 H.P. Lovecrafts You Need Now


H.P. Lovecraft wrote epic stories of darkness and supernatural entities that have haunted readers for generations, and influenced countless books and films. He also created an army of obsessive fans who have, in turn, made some amazingly creative, and at times disturbing, tributes to the late author and his work. And these creations are now for sale, waiting for you to call to them in your dreams, and buy them at a comic convention booth. We walked the floor at Comic-Con, visited the competing Lovecraft booths, and picked our favorite Lovecraft-inspired buys any fan would kill to have.

Lovecraft Christmas Card

There’s no better way to ring in the New Year than with the man himself and his Shoggoth Christmas tree. Luminous, made out of eyes, and casting a greenish tint, there’s no need to trim this tree. But you might want to consider taking an ax to it.


Cthulhu Bandana

The kids today love a bandana in the back pocket. So, why not flash a Cthulhu to let everyone know which way you swing in the Lovecraft universe?


“Where the Deep Ones Are” Children's Book

All your favorite monsters are back in this exciting adventure! Written by Kenneth Hite, illustrated by Andy Hopp and published by Atlas Games, “Where the Deep Ones” are is a re-telling of the “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” mixed with Where the Wild Things Are” because children love monsters of the deep.


My Little Cthulhu

Remember My Little Pony? Well My Little Cthulhu is much, much more powerful and quite a bit deadlier. The adorable baby version of the half man-half octopus- half dragon comes in white, green and glow in the dark. It’s also offered in an angry and goth version, but those just seem redundant. Pint-sized victims not included.


Arkham, Mass Bumper Sticker

Commemorate that trip to the beautiful New England town of Arkham. Sure, it's surrounded by dark entities, known for sacrificing children, and  might, possibly, be a gateway to hell, but it’s a nice place to visit. Arkham is believed to be modelled after Salem, Ma.


Commemorative Coin

Just like the Franklin mint, but weirder. The H.P. Lovecraft coin comes with a black velvet presentation box and a certificate of authenticity designed by a member of the Lovecraft Historical Society and has a picture of his face with the words “I am Providence,” while the other side is a picture of his grave.


The Elder Thong

Probably the most disturbing Lovecraft spin-off, the Elder Thong is described as "protection against invasion by evil from another dimension."  At least, according to the nice man who showed it to me at the Source Comics & Games booth at San Diego Comic-Con. The creators of the thong claim it will keep evil at bay “without leaving panty lines on your clothes.”


Lapel Pins

The stylish Lovecraft fan might want one of these low-profile pins for his suit or his bag. Pins include Elder Party Cthulhu for President, The Yellow Sign and Misatonic University in case you want to pin your sweetheart before Cthulhu returns to reign over the land and make pins, as well as lapels, superfluous.