Ten of the Most Creative Horror Movie Weapons


From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series

Tonight, March 11th, marks the premiere of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, exclusively airing on Robert Rodriguez’ new El Rey Network. An expansion on the characters and story seen in the 1996 film, the show will center on brothers Seth and Richie Gecko, who find themselves battling off hordes of blood-sucking vampires, alongside the kidnapped Fuller family (above).

If From Dusk Till Dawn, the movie, is any indication of what we can expect from the series, we’re in store for buckets of blood and a whole lot of fun. I think it’s also safe to say that we can expect some pretty creative vampire kills, courtesy of some pretty creative weapons, which were on display throughout the film. From a holy water-spewing Super Soaker to the particularly memorable ‘codpiece revolver,’ From Dusk Till Dawn features some of the most truly creative weapons in horror movie history.

As we await the return of the brothers Gecko, and their vampire adversaries, it seems only fitting that we look back on some other memorable weapons, from the annals of horror history. Here are ten of our favorites, which are as capable of dishing out pain and punishment as the chainsaw and stake-cross that the Fullers will wield in the series!


Horror movies don’t get much gorier than Peter Jackson’s 1992 splatter masterpiece Dead Alive, which is no doubt one of the greatest horror comedies of all time. In the film’s most blood-soaked moment, our nerdy hero Lionel Cosgrove channels his inner Seth Gecko, triumphantly lifting a lawnmower over his head, and using its spinning blades to turn a room full of approaching zombies into a thick, limb-filled undead stew. The two-minute long sequence is one of the most gloriously gory scenes of all time, and the lawnmower is certainly one of the more creative zombie killing devices we’ve ever seen.


The loveable Killer Klowns have a whole host of otherworldly weapons at their disposal, including balloon guns and the not-so-tasty acid pies. But the most memorable weapon in their whacky arsenal is no doubt their cotton candy guns, which emit pink rays that encase their human victims inside of cotton candy cocoons. From there, the cocoons are hung up on meat hooks, and the Klowns wait for the human bodies inside to dissolve, making for a delicious teeth-rotting treat. I guess vampires aren’t the only ones who like to drink blood!


No horror villain has as much fun doing what he does than the Leprechaun, who always seems to have a smile plastered on his wrinkled little face. In one of the more memorable kill scenes in his original 1993 outing, the pint-sized terror uses a pogo stick to dispatch an unlucky pawn shop owner, repeatedly hopping up and down on his body, and forcing the business end of the children’s toy into the man’s torso – all while singing a catchy limerick. The Leprechaun is a dude who loves his job, that’s for sure!


When you’re doing battle with expert hunters like the Xenomorphs, you’d better be pretty creative, if you wish to have any chance of surviving. In the epic final moments of the action-packed 1986 sequel Aliens, the always badass Ellen Ripley shows her creative side, utilizing the power of an exoskeleton ‘power loader,’ normally used for moving heavy objects, to engage in hand-to-hand combat with the massive Xenomorph Queen. A weapon that the show’s Gecko brothers will be wishing they had at their disposal when Santanico Pandemonium strikes, to say the least!


Here on FEARNET, we relish any chance to talk about Silent Night, Deadly Night: Part 2, which is truly one of the ‘best worst’ movies of all time. The film is jam packed with wild and whacky kill scenes, carried out by one of the most gleefully over the top villains of them all. While the ‘garbage day’ kill is no doubt the most memorable, right about now seems like the perfect time to show some love to an equally awesome moment of carnage. Before he goes on his guns-blazing rampage, Ricky Caldwell encounters a businessman in an alley, who he dispatches in a most unusual fashion; he sticks an umbrella through his stomach, which opens up on the opposite side of his body. Gotta love it!


Speaking of umbrellas, the 2012 British film Stitches also has a pretty memorable kill scene involving one, which is just one of the many creative moments of gore in the movie. In the film, a deranged birthday clown seeks revenge on the kids who accidentally killed him years prior, who are now teenagers. One of the teens meets a particularly painful end, when Stitches first turns his intestines into balloon animals, right in front of his very eyes, and then inflates his head with a balloon pump, which pops in a glorious Scanners-inspired fashion. Totally unrealistic, of course, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome!


Though Sleepaway Camp isn’t exactly a gory film, it makes up for the lack of bloodshed with a handful of fun and creative kill scenes. In perhaps the most horrifying death in the history of 80s slashers, Angela attacks one of the female campers who had been picking on her and then inserts a hot curling iron into her you-know-where, a moment that’s surely as painful for women to watch as I Spit on Your Grave’s bathtub scene is for men to watch. Thankfully, the kill is totally implied, rather than visually seen.


When best friends Shaun and Ed discover that their town is being overrun by zombies, they don’t exactly know what to do, so they arm themselves with whatever they can get their hands on, in an attempt to fight back. Though they eventually become zombie killing machines, one of their initial attempts to kill the undead proves unsuccessful, which sees them using records like Frisbees, and flinging them at the heads of the brain-eaters – but only the records they don’t care for, of course. Shaun and Ed are a monster-killing duo that give Seth and Richie a run for their money, that’s for sure.


As far as stoner characters in horror movies go, Cabin in the Woods’ Marty is no doubt one of the most memorable, a guy whose recreational drug habits help him in his quest to survive, rather than harm him. Early on the film, Marty shows off a bong that collapses down into a coffee tumbler, which ends up having another use later on, when he finds himself face to face with the undead Buckner clan. Turns out, the stoner’s equivalent to a Swiss army knife is also a pretty badass weapon, which Marty wields like a baseball bat. See that, kids; bongs save lives!



There’s nothing more satisfying than a final girl exacting her bloody revenge on the monsters who have been tormenting her, and horror movie finales don’t get much more satisfying than You’re Next’s, where badass survivalist Erin goes on one hell of a killing spree. In one of the most brutal moments of the film, Erin smashes a blender over the head of Felix, who was involved in the killings, and then sticks the exposed blades into the top of his skull. Not yet satisfied, she plugs the blender in and hits the ‘on’ switch, turning Felix’s brains into a blood smoothie. Erin is one final girl that would make Kate Fuller proud!

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series

Don’t forget; From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series premieres TONIGHT, on the El Rey Network. Comment below and let us know what kinds of creative weapons you’d love to see the show’s blood-suckers dispatched with!