Twisted Terror: Our Favorite Disturbed Comic Villains



Sure, every comic villain has delusions of grandeur, or a god-complex (some more than others, looking at you, Thanos), or a raging vendetta they need to exact upon an unsuspecting hero. But here at FEARnet we've got a laundry list of our favorite, most disturbed, weird, and demented villains. And yes, yes, yes, the Joker's the most disturbed, etc. Let's just get him out of the way in the intro! We're on to bigger, better, weirder, and more evil things!


Magneto can command the powers of magnetism. Doomsday was strong enough to kill Superman. Bullseye? He's got great aim… and he's a psychopath. The man can turn anything into a thrown projectile with enough accuracy, speed, and force to kill his target. He once slit a throat with a playing card! His vendetta against Daredevil keeps him shooting, and he's the type of malignant force in the world that keeps superheroes on their toes. The thing that makes Bullseye so scary is his obsession over his targets. He studies them, he follows them home, and when the time is right… he shoots them to death. Bullseye sounds more like a serial killer Hannibal Lector would help catch and less like a super villain, which is why he made this list!


Let's shift gears from Bullseye here… in a big way. Bullseye has probably killed hundreds in his criminal career. That's less than .0001% of all the people Anti-Monitor has killed. As part of the wonderfully complicated DC tentpole event Crisis on Infinite Earths, The Anti-Monitor was the product of when someone looked at the creation of the universe. Or… when an ancient, cosmic being tried to gaze upon the creation of life and went mad and split into the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor. Or… oh, forget it. All that matters is that this dude has killed multiple dimensions. That's right, he hasn't devastated a city, or a country, or even a planet, he's destroyed and soaked up multiple dimensions or multiverses. For sheer numbers alone (and the fact that he looks like a crazy monster), Anti-Monitor made our list. No villain in comic history beats his body count.

The Brotherhood of Dada

If you've never read Grant Morrison's run on Doom Patrol, you need to finish reading this article and then run to your local comic shop. Hopefully they have this weird, amazing comic from the late 1980's in trade paperback, and you can finally read all about one of the strangest group of villains we've ever seen. The Brotherhood of Dada believe in nothing, really. Or, rather, they believe in chaos and anything that is absurd or bizarre. They're not technically evil because they don't really believe in evil, and their crew is something to behold. Mister Nobody, the leader of the gang, can sap the sanity from those around him. The Quiz has every super power you've never thought of. You can get rid of her powers by thinking of them before she can use them. Sleepwalk is a girl who has incredible strength… but only when she sleepwalks. Frenzy is a dyslexic Jamaican man who can turn into a tornado. And Fog is a man who can turn into a cloud and absorb humans into his person. Crazy, insane, wild, and unpredictable, these villains could only be stopped by a group as equally crazy, insane, wild and unpredictable as the Doom Patrol.


Here's a brand new villain for you crazies out there. Negan, the new scourge of Rick and co. from The Walking Dead comics, is a truly nasty psychopath. Sure, The Governor was deranged, derailed, and violent in all the wrong ways, but Negan creeps us out way more! His weapon of choice is a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire (named, affectionately, "Lucile"), he swears worse than any sailor I've ever met, and he kills and kills until he gets what he wants. He's a bad man, through and through, and every threat he makes, every life he takes, he does so with a shit-eating grin! The man is definitely disturbed, and his sense of brutality makes him perfectly unhinged and well-suited to this list.

Violator (The Clown)

The first time I ever saw this Spawn villain was not in a comic. It was as a twisted, disgusting action figure (you know, the kind Todd McFarlane loves to make) and I was about nine years old. As a kid that young I'll admit, I was terrified of the thing. I didn't know anything about Spawn, I didn't know that he was a minion from hell who took the form of a putrid clown while on earth. All I knew was that I already kind of hated clowns, and this thing was my worst nightmare. As a creature from hell, he delights in controlling others and has a taste for the more terrible things in life. For that reason, for the fact that he tortures the living and teases the undead, and for his nasty little belly shirt, Violator had to make this list!

Honorable mention goes to Mephisto, who in the Marvel universe is literally the devil. Who else belongs on this list? Let us know below!