Zombify Your Xmas - Hanukkah Edition


Why should Christmas get all the fun? You can zombify Hanukkah, too. Granted, there are not as many options for the Jewish kids, but then again, there were never very many festive options for Hanukkah. I was raised in a Jewish house and Hanukkah was little more than five minutes a night of candle lighting and tearing open presents.

I have scoured the interwebz hunting for ways to zombify, monsterfy, and otherwise horrify your Hanukkah. Enjoy!

Possibly the greatest Hanukkah card ever - and available to purchase!

$3.00 at Etsy

If I had had a Godzilla menorah, I may have been religious.

Another Menorahzilla... this one you can buy

$360 at Etsy

It is doubtful that this fish head menorah will last through eight crazy nights, but it will freak out your guests.

Sea monster menorah

$420 at Etsy (this one is reserved, but I bet if you ask really nicely...)

This guy has a "Dreidel of Filth" tattoo. There are so many things wonderfully wrong with that.

The perfect menorah for the zombie apocalypse

Plus, a dreidel for reloads

And of course... the Human Centipede Menorah!

No home should be without one.