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News Article

‘300’ Meets Sci-Fi in ‘Sanctuary’!!!

Like your live-action actors injected with a little virtual style? Sci-Fi Channel’s latest series may just be your Sanctuary! The channel has ordered a full 13-episode season of the sci-fi drama series Sanctuary; employing the likes of Stargate SG-1 star Amanda Tapping, producer-director Martin Wood and writer-producer Damian Kindler.

Also starring in the series—the first high-def Sci-Fi series to debut on the web—is Robin Dunne as Will Zimmerman, young protégé to Dr. Helen Magnus (Tapping).

Sanctuary will be the first TV series to be crafted in the fashion of feature films like 300 and Sin City, fusing together live action and CGI. And the series will be re-enhanced for the transition from web to television, to prepare for a two-hour premiere episode, character expansion and some CGI set enhancement.