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News Article

‘Blood Knights’ Set to Suck Up All Your Time This Halloween


Halloween is like horror Christmas, as all of the developers release their more morbid wares all around October to cash in on that Samhain spirit (y’know, we like this stuff year round, guys).  Well, add another timely horror release to the building pile (we’re not complaining) with dtp Entertainment and Deck13 Interactive’s Xbox Live and PC title Blood Knights.

Blood Knights, according to the IGN trailer, is a tale of a vampire hunter and a vampire joined together to kill all sorts of monstrous beasties.  It’s like a wacky buddy-cop movie, but with armor and the undead!  Here’s to hoping that there’s a werewolf that groans that he’s “getting too old for this shit.”

OK, so it doesn’t look that ridiculous, but it looks like a hoot, with a nice dose of everything we crave: voluptuous vampire vixens, gallons of gooey gore, and mobs of malicious monsters.  Best of all, it comes out on Halloween exactly, so you have a reason to ignore trick-or-treaters.