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‘Doctor Who' Meets ‘True Blood'! Matt Smith Wants to Visit Bon Temps


Did you know Doctor Who is a massive True Blood fan, and that he'd like to see the True Blood cast appear on Who? Neither did I. But when the good Doctor himself, star Matt Smith, told me yesterday at Comic-Con that he loves TV's hit vamp fest, I had to ask him what would happen if the Doctor visited Bon Temps. Find out what he told me after the jump.

"I love True Blood," said Smith, "and I got to meet those guys this weekend, and I was just, ‘Whoa!'"

"What would happen …" he laughs. "I was talking to Kristin [Bauer] about this, who plays Pam… And because Nelsan [Ellis], the guy plays Lafayette, is a massive Who fan, as is Stephen Moyer, who I would love to get in it – him and Nelsan – that would be great, if we could get them in Who… I think he'd just freak people out, wouldn't he? Because there'd be vampires, and he'd just be like, "You know what? I've seen it all before guys. It's not that bad. Let's just all calm down. Let's take a chill pill. It's gonna be fine."