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News Article

‘Minecraft’ Creator Dabbles in the Dead with ‘Shambles’


Marcus “Notch” Persson has left his indelible mark on gaming with Minecraft, a cubic creative sandbox that has been worshipped by every corner of the internet since its release on PC, then on other platforms like the Xbox 360 and even mobile devices.  However, that hasn’t stopped him from taking part in strange “code jams” like 7DFPS, a grueling programming marathon that tasked its developers to create a working, fun FPS within a week.  His unambitious, but still oddly enjoyable effort?  Shambles.

It’s exactly what you think we’d be covering here at FEARnet: a simple FPS set in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, with simple graphics and gameplay that hearken back to the era of DOS gaming, but without tweaking config.sys or autoexec.bat (thank God).  However, Notch does set his sprite-based sights a little off-center, injecting the mobs with both zombies and human characters, and forces you to balance killing both, as humans will drop precious health that the zombies deplete.

It’s not exactly high-end gaming, but it’s completely free and playable within your web browser, so feel free to give it a ghoulish go right here.  There are several other bite-sized horror nuggets to be nibbled on if you sift through the list of games on the 7DFPS site.