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News Article

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Will Debut in Theaters!


Break out your wookie suit or light saber and get ready to spend another all-nighter at a midnight showing, because yet another Star Wars tale is hitting the theaters in August! Lucasfilm, Warner Bros. Pictures and Turner Broadcasting are partnering to bring a 3-D toon version of your favorites to the big screen, before moving to the small screen this coming fall on Cartoon Network and TNT! Star Wars: The Clone Wars will run about 100 minutes and pick up between Episodes II and III. The story then will continue in thirty-minute, small-screen installments, thirty of which have already been produced by Lucasfilm Animation.

Lucasfilm said Warner Bros.' cable and theatrical resources was a good fit for this particular project. "We're trying to do something unprecedented -- marrying TV series and theatrical release," a rep said.

For more information about Star Wars: The Clone Wars, visit for a web documentary about the project.