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‘Walking Dead’ Game Shambling Out in April

With Season 2 of The Walking Dead having let out its last gasp, we turn to Telltale Games' upcoming adaptation to get our fix of Walking Dead until the Season 3 premiere this fall.  Thankfully we won't have to wait very long, as the first episode is scheduled to drop next month.  More details and the first gameplay trailer after the break.

Set in the universe of Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead comic, which is subtly different from the AMC series, the game follows one Lee Everett, a convicted criminal given a chance for redemption in the wake of the zombie apocalypse.  The events and actions that transpire in the 5-episode title will foreshadow and lead into the story of Sheriff Rick Grimes and his crew.

"Telltale has done a phenomenal job in making a game that meets the expectations of fans," said Robert Kirkman of the upcoming title.  "Running around with a gun isn't what The Walking Dead is about; it's about is how people caught in an apocalypse deal with facing their own death every day, and the horrible choices they have to make to survive. Telltale's game series has captured the spirit of the comic books perfectly."


The game will be released in 5 individual episodes, each priced at $4.99 (PC and PSN) or 400 MSP (Xbox 360).  Preorder customers who order direct from the Telltale site will receive a 10% discount on a "season pass," making the net cost of the entire run $22.49.  In addition to the discount, preorder customers are entered into the chance to be made into a minor character for the game's 4th episode, where they will die a horrible death and be reborn as a walker…I'm not kidding.


In addition to the pricing and release announcement, Telltale has released the first trailer for the game with the assistance of Daniel M. Kanemoto, whose splicing of 2D and 3D images give a haunting tableau.  Once the actual gameplay footage start, it looks deliciously gritty, mixing cell shading and hand drawn textures to ape the aesthetic of the comics, albeit in full color instead of the comic's black and white artwork.