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News Article

‘Dead Island: Riptide’ Trailer Tries for Tears


The cinematic trailer for Deep Silver’s Dead Island blew up the internet upon its release, showing the dissolution of a family in reverse chronological order over the single saddest piano melody in human history.  Its bleak, blood soaked tale was made even more agonizing by the simple clips at the end that showed the family in less zombified times.

Deep Silver’s trying to catch lightning in a bottle by tugging at the old heart strings with the cinematic trailer for Dead Island: Riptide, another somber slice of CGI that tries to focus on a young couple in love with the open sea and each other.  It’s not nearly as wrenching as the first game’s trailer (which is second only to ASPCA commercials in its ability to make me all misty), but there’s still that overwhelming sense of sadness and loss.  It still makes me want to drink, just not straight from the bottle.


[Source: G4]