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News Article

‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Gets Zombified with ‘Blackest Night’ DLC


There’s already plenty to get worked up over with Injustice: Gods Among Us, but an unexpected trailer from Germany has revealed some undead-themed DLC for the game that will make it a much more horrific title.

Based on the Blackest Night crossover event, in which a new corps of Black Lanterns rose from the dead to terrorize the DC Universe, the DLC has some appropriate features, including some Black Lantern costumes and the vague “Zombie-Modus,” which I assume means “Zombie Mode,” but my German is limited to beer labels and KMFDM song lyrics.  I’m not sure what it all means, but a slew of zombified DC characters beating the hell out of each other sounds like good mindless fun.  One can hope that this isn’t just exclusive DLC to Amazon over in Germany…

[Source: VG24/7]