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12 Minute Making-Of Featurette For 'Cassadaga'


Earlier this week, 'Cassadaga,' the new feature film from director Anthony DiBlasi was released on DVD just under the radar. However, it's a new horror film that absolutely should be on your radar. Why? Not only did I name it one of my Top 10 horror films of 2013, but it's a truly unique genre film that combines a tradition ghost story with a serial killer named "Geppetto," who literally pulls his victims apart limb from limb just to put them back together as a human marionette. It stars Kelen Coleman, 'True Blood's Kevin Alejandro & if you're playing close attention, you'll also spot genre vet J. LaRose ('Insidious,' 'Saw III') in there too. There's a lot of weird & wild stuff in the flick, so you need to find it and check it out ASAP. (It's also available on VOD right now.)

Here's a fun treat. We've been provided with a 12 minute behind-the-scenes featurette chronicling the making of 'Cassadaga' that is not on the DVD! Fair warning, this is pretty spoiler-heavy, so if you've seen the movie, proceed. If not, I'd recommend bookmarking this page until after you've seen it since the movie's full of some good twists and surprises. You can check out Scott Weinberg's review of 'Cassadaga,' and check out the 'Cassadaga' trailer on Apple's site. Below enjoy an in-depth look at the making-of 'Cassadaga!'