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1349's First Live DVD Coming Soon


The band 1349 takes its name from the year the Black Death decimated their native Norway (now that's metal), so you know these cats stand tall with the blackest of the black. Strangely enough, while the band has been around for almost fifteen years, they've never officially released footage of their insane live performances... until now, that is. The band has finally announced their first legit DVD release (despite the title), in the form of the new concert film Hellvetia Fire: The Official 1349 Bootleg. We've got all the gory details – including the supreme cover art and and complete concert setlist – after the jump!

Formed in 1997 by ex-members of the band Alvheim, and currently including drummer Frost from world-famous black metal unit Satyricon, 1349 are known in genre circles for their aggressive live shows (which often include fire-breathing) and their video "Sculptor of Flesh" features brief footage of actual surgery and other gruesome sights. Not only have they played all the major European metal fests (including Wacken), they've also crossed the Atlantic to tour with the likes of high-profile US bands Cannibal Corpse and Skeletonwitch.

Hellvetia Fire is comprised of footage shot back in 2005 during the band's performance at Bikini Test La chaux De Fonds, Switzerland; the show also features a guest appearance by metal icon Tom G. Warrior (of Celtic Frost, Tryptikon and Hellhammer.). Here's the complete track listing:

"Riders Of The Apocalypse"
"Chasing Dragons"
"Satanic Propaganda"   
"I Am Abomination"
"Sculptor Of Flesh"
"The Ursurper"
"Slaves To Slaughter"

The DVD is scheduled to drop on October 24th, so you may want to put it on your Halloween party list... but first, you'd better see what you're getting into: check out the gritty video for "Sculptor of Flesh" below!