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News Article

15-Year-Old Misfits Demos Unearthed


Drummer Joel Gausten – who chronicles the history of legendary horror-punk band The Misfits in his book Tales of Horror: The History of The Misfits & The Undead – has just posted a rare demo of the track Who Killed Marilyn? recorded by the band exactly fifteen years ago. Gausten has been posting several “lost” Misfits recordings from the period on his MySpace, and has been revealing interesting details about those recording sessions. More groovy details lurk below, so flip it over!

Gausten – who not only drummed for the Misfits during those demos, but also went on to play with fellow horror-rockers like Electric Frankenstein and The Undead – has been posting these unreleased demos of Misfits classics like London Dungeon and Astro-Zombies on his MySpace, and he recounts the full story of the recording session in his book – which is slated for re-release later this year in an updated and expanded edition, excerpts of which are posted in the same journal entry.

Gausten was just a teenager when he hit the skins for the 1995 lineup, which during that brief time included singer Eric Weiss (soon replaced by Michale Graves), guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein and Jerry Only (now their current vocalist) on bass. “Who Killed Marilyn? remains a favorite Misfits song of mine,” Gausten explains, “and it was a blast to dig out this recording, go down memory lane and hear a 17-year-old me make noise with Jerry and Doyle!”

He also announced that more demos – including what he calls “quite possibly the rarest Misfits recording ever” – will be posted soon.