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News Article

1980s-Style 'The Thing' Toys Too Good to Be True


This is not a real toy. I repeat - this is not a real toy. Nor is this a real commercial. But it is damn close to the toy commercials - and toys - of the 1980s. "From John Carpenter's The Thing, the ultimate in alien terror is in the palm of your hand." Some intrepid toy nerd (and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible) created this mock commercial for non-existant The Thing toys. I'd buy them. I would have bought them as a kid, too. The whole gang is here: MacReady, Windows, Palmer... even the dog. With a thing creature (including pop-out pieces that could attack the other action figures) and "real alien ooze," these toys would give you hours of sub-zero alien fun.

If only  they were real.