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3 Hospitalized After Playing With Ouija Board


Three Americans, ages 18-23, were hospitalized in the village of San Juan Tlacotenco in south-west Mexico with a slight case of demonic possession. Siblings Alexandra and Sergio Huerta along with their cousin Fernando Cuevas were playing with a Ouija board when Alexandra started to growl and fell into a trance-like state.  Soon, Sergio and Fernando also began showing signs of “possession”. Below is video of Alexandra's behavior apparently taken while she was being transported by paramedics .

The Huerta’s parents called paramedics after a local Catholic priest refused to perform an exorcism on the three because they were not regular churchgoers.

The paramedics took them to a nearby hospital where they were given painkillers and anti-stress medication which seemed to cure them (I bet Merrin and Karras feel silly now).

Victor Demesa, 46, the Director of Public Safety's statement on the situation is that whether the three were actually possessed or had just convinced themselves they were was not for the doctors to comment on.

So what do you think; hoax, delusions, actual possession, or maybe early viral marketing for the long developing Ouija movie?

(Source: Daily Mail)